Behind the Scenes: Product Owner Ben

Ready for some more behind the scenes info? This time we speak with Product Owner Ben, and ask him all about app development, and what we can expect from the new app. 

  1. You’ve been working for Roamler for a while now, but maybe not everyone remembers you. Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us exactly what you do at Roamler?

I joined Roamler about 3.5 years ago as a Project & Community Manager at Roamler Belgium, after moving to the Netherlands a year earlier. Before that, I was already doing tasks for Roamler and I really liked the company. When I saw a vacancy for team Belgium in the Netherlands, I immediately applied!

Almost 2 years ago we were looking for a Product Owner for the mobile team and I liked that as well, I applied again and now I am responsible for the development of the Roamler app. My main task is to optimise the value of the product. I do this by finding out how users are using the app, what they need, and by regularly talking to stakeholders to make the app better.

A year ago we came to the conclusion that it would be better to use a new framework to build the app. The whole project has taken blood, sweat, and tears, but now that we are about to release, it is especially exciting!


  1. What do you like about your work?

Probably the moments when a feature is ready to be tested. It feels like getting presents at Christmas, time and time again. Getting to see the end result of the whole process and then being the first to see what it will look like is really cool.

On top of that, it really is a privilege to work with this team. They are some of the most talented people I have ever met. They are really excited about the new app because it really feels like we can have an impact on how thousands of Roamlers perform the tasks.


  1. What do you find the biggest challenge when setting up the new version of the Roamler app?

We wanted to do this in the first place because we really needed a completely new version of the app. Because we want to go live as soon as possible, sometimes difficult choices have to be made. Which feature do we really want and what can wait?

The app is not used in the same way by everyone. This means that what is important for one person, is not necessary important for the other. Those choices are sometimes extremely difficult. Of course, we try to take feedback from the Roamlers into account as much as possible. In the end, they are the most important.


  1. Could you give us a hint: what is your favourite new feature in the app?

That’s hard to choose, but I think the feature that will have the most impact will be the navigation in the questionnaire. Easier navigation between questions has been a much sought-after feature for a long time. I also like the task categories in the app, because it provides a better overview and you will be able to see your favourite tasks at a glance.

A lot of what I like best about the new app is behind the scenes. We have taken really big steps to do much better ‘debugging’ and also the new way of submitting tasks will be much faster than before.


  1. What do you think the ideal Roamler app will look like in the future?

In the ideal Roamler app, users will be in control of their own career. They should also be able to take training courses in the app to learn new skills and see new tasks based on those skills. If, for example, you want to work as a handyman, you should be able to do so in the same app, as long as you can submit all the correct certificates, of course.

In addition, it would also be nice if we could create some more community feeling in the app again!


  1. Do you have a fun/handy tip for Roamlers when using the app – maybe something you think many Roamlers don’t know about?

In the new app, you will be able to preview the questionnaire for some tasks. This way, you won’t have to accept the task before you start to read the whole task. Very handy if you want to see what you’re going to do before you get started!



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