For Roamlers, By Roamlers

As a Roamler you are part of a Community. That’s why we would like to share with you the experiences, motivations and favourite tasks of your fellow Roamlers. For the monthly blog, we gathered some insights from another Roamler Community: the Dutch Roamlers.

The first question we asked them was: “How long have you been a Roamler and why did you start using Roamler?”. It was clear to that most became Roamlers through old fashioned word of mouth. But there was another large part that first hear of Roamler via a blog or social media page.

  • “I’ve been a Roamler for about a year now. I started because a client of mine was very enthusiastic about Roamler. That’s why I wanted to try it for myself.”
  • “Two weeks ago I became a Roamler again after having been an active Roamlers years ago. Why? Because I enjoy the tasks, the extra money is useful, and it gives me a reason to get back on my bike!”
  • “I started a few months ago, to save up for a fun trip: a day out with the kids.”


We also asked you what their favourite tasks are. Many Roamlers made it clear they like doing mystery visits, but there is a large group that prefer tasks where they can announce themselves to the staff.

  • “TV screen checks! I like sitting in cafes, so I can do this discreetly while enjoying a drink.”
  • “Red bull tasks really are awesome tasks to do!”


Whilst performing tasks can end up in all kinds of situations. We asked them what the craziest / most fun / most exciting experience was whilst performing a Roamler task in 2019. This question also got a couple of remarkable submissions.

  • “During a Red Bull task I was in the supermarket, when suddenly the roof came down because it had been raining so much the night before!”
  • “I decided to drive through the entire province to do as many coffee checks as possible. I drove around the whole province of Groningen!”
  • “Haha, I arrived at a live sport check and everybody thought I was a celebrity.”


The last question we asked them was what their Roamler goal is for 2020.
We were happy to hear that many Roamlers indicated that they want to become a Merchandiser in 2020.

  • “Becoming a Merchandiser, to save up for my motorcycle license!”

  • “In 2020 I want to do as many tasks as possible to raise money so I can help a child in Africa buy learning materials for school. I would also like to save up some money to go on holiday. I hope I can achieve my goals through working with Roamler.”

  • “I want to reach a higher Roamler level and save up enough for a weekend trip.”

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