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In this blog post we will give you insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Roamler HQ through the eyes of a Community Intern. You’ll get a look into the daily activities at Roamler and see what it’s like to be a Community Intern.


First, let me introduce myself, my name is Antonie, I’m 20 years old and at the moment I’m studying Creative Business at the University of Amsterdam. I’m currently doing an internship at Roamler as Community Intern and in this blog post I’ll tell you about why I chose Roamler, what my daily activities are and what I’ve learned about Roamler. I hope that this way I can give you a better view of how Roamler works, so you understand what goes on behind the app on your phone. 😉

As a Creative Business student I work with technology, social media, design and communication, all things that link with the Community Internship at Roamler. When I went to apply for the internship at Roamler HQ everyone was very friendly and I felt that I would enjoy my three month long internship at this office.

As Community Intern my job is to help the Community Manager maintain, improve and support the Roamler community. I mostly do this through our social media channels by creating content that is useful for Roamlers, like a weekly-overview of all the new tasks and all sorts of updates on our Instagram account. I also try to create more interaction between Roamler and the community and within the community itself. I did this with an XP task which increased the RoamlerNL Instagram followers with 30% already! I also set up a Roamler Spotify X-mas playlist, where the Roamlers could add their own favourite Christmas songs.

Apart from creating content for social media I help with reviewing tasks, sending letters, push-notifications, and so on. I have gained a basic understanding of how the company works and communicates. One of the things that I find most interesting is how everybody benefits from working with Roamler. The Roamler community provides Roamler with information which the community is rewarded for. In turn Roamler provides its clients with information about their own product, which Roamler is rewarded for. And finally the client can use this information to improve their business.

Without the Roamlers we couldn’t do these great projects. Roamler aims to make the community as big and happy as possible (as the range of tasks continues to grow). This will not only benefit us but of course also the clients and the Roamler community itself. As a Community intern I try to help make this happen. In the final month of my internship I look forward to seeing the results of my work and hope to improve Roamler wherever I can. That’s why I would like to ask you to leave a comment on this blog post and tell us what kind of useful content you would like to see on our social media channels!

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