The Roamler Crowd: Young and Old!

As you may already know, the Roamler crowd is very diverse. From young to old, from students to stay-at-home dads, from full-time workers to volunteers. To become a Roamler you do have to be at least 18 years old, but between the ages of 18 and 70, you can find a Roamler of every age! Of course we think this is wonderful! We want to give everybody the opportunity to earn something extra, irrespective of age.

Every Roamler is different, this is partly because of the difference between age groups. Often different age groups have different motivations, goals and motives. We love seeing how Roamler crosses generational boundaries!

From the age of 18, you have the possibility to become a Roamler and earn some extra money by completing tasks in the Roamler app. In theory, you could do this until you’re 100 years old! The only thing you need is a smartphone, and who doesn’t own a smartphone these days?

The Roamler Crowd is made up of teens, people in their twenties, thirties, forties, etc: there is no age group over 18 that you can’t find in the crowd. Our oldest Roamler is an impressive 71 years old!

And everybody has a different reason for using Roamler, while one person uses it to pay for groceries, another might be saving up for a relaxing holiday, or donating it to charity, or buying something nice for the grandchildren!

For the younger generations, Roamler is a flexible way to earn some extra pocket money. Because you decide how much, where and when you perform a task, it’s ideal to combine Roamler with an education or a part time job. For instance, if you haven’t got anything to do in a free period, that’s a good opportunity to earn something extra and to, for example, get yourself a treat for lunch. Or maybe you need a new backpack, a couple of tasks here and there and you will have saved up enough!

Performing a task is not only a handy way to earn some extra money, it can also just be a fun challenge for all ages! You have the possibility to perform lots of challenging tasks and you’ll experience all sorts during these tasks. Perhaps it isn’t a replacement for the gym, but you are certainly being active, and it’s a lot cheaper.
Christmas is also on the way, and for a lot of people this means spending time with family. And, who knows, maybe you have an aunt, niece or grandfather that could use Roamler! 😉

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