Spending your Roamler earnings!

What do you save your Roamler earnings for? Or do you spend it as soon as you cash out? Are you in level 5 (or higher)? Chances are that you have already completed the XP task “Roamler savings”!

Some Roamlers (9%) have not yet paid out their first Roamler earnings. But the majority of you (91%) have. Of all Roamlers who completed this task, 56% are still saving for something… read below the different savings goals of our Roamlers!


– “With my Roamler earnings I pay for my petrol, which I then use to complete other tasks!”

– “I buy fresh sausages for my dog!”

– “I am currently saving for new sailing boots. Otherwise I’ll have cold toes when sailing!”

– “Two beautiful, expensive suitcases bought from my Roamler earnings!”

– “A power bank, so I can keep my phone charged during a long Roamler day!”

– “From my Roamler earnings I have saved for many different things: subscriptions, airline tickets and hostels for a trip!”

– “Studio space, paint and other art supplies.”

– “Lunch boxes for my kids. Those expensive ones, with their name on it. Superfluous but nice. A treat.”

– “I saved the money for my iPhone 8+. To be able to take better photos for my tasks.”

– “This is somewhat random, but I recently bought a Christmas tree from a my Roamler money. I see my Roamler income as a bonus. It is true that I try to spend it on something special.”

– “The first $ 1,000 I earned with Roamler was deposited into my Kiva account through PayPal. As a result, I have now helped 101 small entrepreneurs with a micro-credit of $ 25.00 that gave the company a positive boost. Roamler is a hobby for me, that I can support a good cause with.”

– “Dyson vacuum cleaner and smaller things. The vacuum cleaner because I really wanted it, but I thought it was very expensive…”

– “The reason I have never had my Roamler earnings paid out is because I want to save a large sum of money here, and then get it deposited into my account in one go.”

– “Thanks to the earnings of Roamler, I’m heading to a sunny destination!”

– “The savings goal is to pay for my own education after this study.”

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