Golden Rules

As a Roamler, and especially as a Roamler Merchandiser, you represent us and our customers in the stores. You can imagine that therefore how representative you are, your attitude and the way in which you conduct a conversation is so important!
In this blog we will tell you the Golden Rules when it comes to visiting a location. This will help you to perform the tasks optimally!

As a Roamler (merchandiser) …

… you don’t wear caps or other head wear during the visit
… you don’t wear shorts during the visit
… you don’t chew gum during the visit
… you don’t eat or drink during the visit
… you never bring someone else (partner / family member / pet etc.) to a visit!
… you never bring visible branded items from the competitor with you to the location
… you always complete a task via your own account, not via someone else’s Roamler account

… you make sure you are always enthusiastic!
… you make sure you always have an active and helpful attitude

… you read the tasks carefully in advance, so you know what you have to do!
… you know how to explain Roamler in general
… you are always friendly to everyone during the conversation!
… you always introduce yourself (shake hands, give your name and you speak calmly and clearly) at the desk
… you tell the staff what you would like to do and (when it’s needed) show the explanation letter
… you always consult with the staff where to place any promotional materials
… you never argue with the staff!

By applying these tips, the chance that you get permission from the store to complete the task is much bigger! It’s possible that the store does not give permission for this, which is unfortunate of course, but as said before you never argue about this with staff!

Do you have any questions about this? You can always contact us via We are happy to help if you can use further tips to make your visit as professional as possible!

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