Why we do what we do

Maybe you are already aware of all the reasons why… But sometimes you might be wondering; why is the task that I’m performing important for the client? In this blog we will give you some insights into the reasons why we are performing jobs for clients.
Read on quickly if you want to learn more!

Why are we doing…..

…product checks?
The client gets insights about the availability of their products. With the pictures and answers you provide in your submissions, we give them immediate insights in their products on the shop floor all over the country (or even Europe). They can use this data to make top-level business decisions for future improvements.

…merchandising tasks?
With building promotional materials, replenishing shelves with products, or with improving the availability and visibility of products in-store, we help our clients provide customers with the best shopping experience at the right time. This will hopefully lead to the the client’s ultimate goal, namely, that the product will begin to sell itself.

…mystery visits?
During the mystery shopping tasks you behave like a real customer. You experience the customer experience and evaluate it afterwards.
With the results of a mystery shopping task, the client tries to improve the customer satisfaction and service qualities of the staff. There are a lot of different types of mystery visits, for example: checking product ranges and shelf layouts in the store, or checking the service at specific locations.
Mystery shopping provides this feedback and gives an objective insight into how a customers experience the staff, presentation and other specific service based performances.

Results that are often obtained by mystery shopping research are:
…optimisation tasks!
Our clients make agreements with the head offices of the retailers and pay a lot of money to promote a certain product (on promotion and on regular shelves).
Example of an agreement: In 80% of the stores, product X is on a promotional spot and the promotion is communicated on the regular shelf with product X.
Clients expect more revenue during such promotions. After all, they are present in two places in the store and the promotion is well communicated.
But it seems that agreements are not always (correctly) met. This way, not only the client, but also the stores miss out on a lot of turnover. You – as a Roamler – help them to ensure that these agreements are followed and executed according to plan.

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