Roamler Diary of…

A Roamler Merchandiser!

Claire explains what one of her merchandising days looked like!

I started with Roamler for fun. When I started, I found it more fun and more valuable than I thought. I have my own company where I do a lot of thinking and sitting behind the computer, or I’m in conversation with people. Roaming is a nice change of work for me; being physically active, standing in the middle of daily life, researching and observing and contact with different kinds of people makes it fun. I therefore experience fun and funny things.

What does my average day look like when I do assignments? I check the assignments in the morning. And set a goal for myself how much money I want to earn. That is how I make it a small challenge. If there is enough to do in my own city, I plan my route by bike. Sometimes there are also smaller assignments to be done in a store – I will always complete those as well. I always say this: ”If you do nothing, you won’t have anything anyway”. My favourite merchandising assignment is the Red Bull Shelf Optimisation. The more I do it, the easier it gets. Especially if you do a branch for a second or third time. Even when I’m not roaming, and I find a Red Bull shelf, I have a tendency to tidy up the shelf.

Sometimes I travel through the Netherlands for my work. I recently got stuck in a traffic jam. I thought: If I wait in a traffic jam I might as well kill my time with a Roamler assignment. I took the exit to a village I had never been before, did two assignments and was able to drive home afterwards because the traffic jam was over. I love that about Roamler! Everything is possible in your own time, everywhere and whenever you want. By the way, building up a promotion for the first time is always a bit exciting.

The assignments require some concentration and sometimes improvisation. Sometimes I make a mistake, then I always go back. I learn from it and think: luckily I now know for the next assignment. Once stickers were placed incorrectly by the manufacturer. The promotion did not really work out that way. Together with the store employee we came up with a solution. Once it’s done, I’m always a little proud. It really gives satisfaction and then I think ”Let’s go! on to the next assignment”.

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