An interview with… One of the first Roamlers!

Roamler has been around for almost 8 years now. In mid-2011, the first Dutch Roamlers registered for the Roamler app. A lot has changed since; not only the look of the app and the number of countries that Roamler is active in has changed, we’ve gained many new Roamlers as well. Of course, there are still some people around that have been with us since the very beginning. Take Roamler Jeroen for example, a Roamler who has been with us since the start in 2011 and who still enjoys performing tasks! We love this and couldn’t wait to ask him some questions! Interested in his story? Then read on quickly.

Tell us; who are you, where are you from and what do you do?
I am Jeroen and I live in Apeldoorn, a city in the middle of the Netherlands. I’m originally not from this area though, I moved to Apeldoorn because it worked out better for my former employer. My roots are in Brabant, a southern province of the Netherlands. I work full-time at a large telecom provider and answer calls from technicians who run into problems during installations. I have been a Roamler since June 2011.

How did you learn about Roamler back in 2011 and why did you start?
After some online browsing I found the website ‘Tweakers’. On this website there was an article saying you could sign up for Roamler. The article explained what the new concept ‘Roamler’ was, and that there was room for only a limited number of people. Luckily, I applied within the first 500 registrations! I was very happy and immediately started performing tasks in Apeldoorn on my old iPhone 4.

How did you experience the first Roamler months after the launch?
Looking back and compared to now it was… super slow. I had an iPhone 4 back then, now I have an iPhone XR, so that has improved the speed and ease of use a lot. But, despite the older iPhone technology and less advanced Roamler app from back then, it worked out fine!

How often do you use Roamler these days and has your Roamler usage changed over the years?
I use the app as often as before, but it can happen that I don’t use it at all for a week. There are some Saturdays where the number of tasks I perform and the corresponding earnings are exceptionally high!

What is the best or funniest thing you have experienced during a Roamler task?
The most memorable thing I’ve experienced is that a store manager did not have time for me at first, but after I indicated that the Red Bull on the shelves was almost out of stock, and asked if there was any stock to refill it with, she ran back quickly to apologise with the message that the stock amount was not correct and new stock would be ordered as soon as possible.

Do you have a preference for certain types of tasks and has this preference changed over the years?
My preference has not changed that much. A real classic (in The Netherlands) is the Baby Formula Check. This task has been around for many years, so I know how to perform it quickly, and that makes it extra fun of course.

You have experienced all of Roamler’s app & project developments, what do you think is the most noteworthy development?
Many tasks that I execute now are very different from the tasks I did in the beginning of Roamler. The most noteworthy for me is the start of Roamler Merchandising. After a Skype call, I was allowed to join the Roamler Merchandising crowd, with the result that I can now build displays and, for example, perform Red Bull tasks where I restock the shelves, so everything looks neat and tidy again. The latter is one of my favourite tasks to do. The people at the service desk are often excited that you have come to the store to help them out!

Do you have any tips for newly starting Roamlers?
A tip for new Roamlers is: treat and approach someone else as you would want to be treated or approached yourself. Explain why you have come to visit (when you’ve been approached by staff, or when you can introduce yourself for a task) and never start a long discussion. It’s better to notify the reviewers through a message in the app and the extra optional question in the questionnaire to explain why you’re not welcome and/or couldn’t perform the task.

Did you buy anything special with your Roamler money?
I do not use the money I earn with Roamler for specific things, I use it for anything and everything. By the way, I also like to invite others with my own invite codes; if these newly registered Roamlers perform tasks you get a small percentage as a reward for getting the new Roamlers in! A nice way to earn something extra on top of your own performed tasks.

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