Dutch Project Manager Maud takes the ‘stage’!

Every month we interview someone with a ‘Roamler heart’ to get to know them a little better. Varying from inspiring Roamlers, to reviewers and other people within the Roamler team internationally. This time, Dutch Project Manager Maud takes the ‘stage’.
If you are curious what her job as a Roamler Project Manager entails, than read on quickly to learn more!

Tell us, who are you, when did you start at Roamler and what is your job at Roamler?
I’m Maud, 27 years old, live in Amsterdam together with my boyfriend and love travelling, going out with friends and discovering cities and restaurants. I started in 2016 as a Community Manager for Roamler Tech (a Dutch subsidiary of Roamler) and switched to Roamler Retail in 2017 to work as a Project Manager.

What does the job title ‘Project Manager’ mean within Roamler?
As a Project Manager we translate the question/case of the client into a questionnaire in the Roamler app. When we start the project (questionnaire is live) we manage to reach the target and to get the correct data in. After the project we analyse the data and send the client a report with our findings. We receive all kinds of questions/cases by different clients, so no project is the same and we have to reach very different goals for each project.

Describe a typical day at the Roamler office!
A typical day at Roamler starts with a good, strong coffee ;-). I answer my mail(s), check the admin (our system behind the app) for the projects I am responsible for, create new questionnaires for clients or make reports when all completes for a project are in. Sometimes I have meetings for internal projects or meetings with clients to discuss new projects, opportunities or just to explain what Roamler does in general and what we – together with our crowd of Roamlers – can do to support them.

How does a project come to life? From beginning to end.
A client has a specific case or question and we have to translate that into a questionnaire in the app. This sounds easy, but that’s not always the case. Before we create the actual questionnaire we need to discuss a lot with the client; we need to understand the exact goals of the project, their wishes and needs and what they want to do with the data. Besides that, we have to create questionnaires that are understandable for every single Roamler. For example – clients use a lot of jargon, we need to translate that into an understandable language for ourselves and Roamlers.

What are some of the coolest projects you have worked on?
I have worked on so many cool and different projects. I have set up the weekly Live Sport Checks and created a live and clickable online dashboard which is really useful for the client. Did price analysis, set up merchandising projects (placing displays, wobblers) and much more!

What do you like best about your job?
Not one day is the same! I love to work on different projects with different clients. I also like data and creating reports/dashboards. I really want to make the client enthusiastic about the report or dashboard we created to give them insights. Besides that, I really like the discussions and meetings with clients: how can we improve? What’s our next step?

What does your team look like? How do you work together?
Our team is really young, enthusiastic, different, ambitious, creative and we are not afraid of changes. We work in a fast moving company, where a lot is changing all the time, but where you, as an employee, can develop fast as well. Project Managers work closely with reviewers and we reinforce each other. They are the ones that see all the submissions and can therefore sometimes suggest little changes for questionnaires, because it would make more sense for the Roamlers. We are helping each other out and are critical towards each other too, so we can deliver the best results for the client. However, we really like to make fun together and I think that’s also really important.

Do you have a lot of contact with Roamlers?
It depends per project. Sometimes I have contact with Roamlers to answer questions about the content of the projects, especially for merchandising projects. But most of the time, the reviewers are the first point of contact for the Roamlers and they are really experienced to answer most questions easily!

Do you have a nice tip for Roamlers?
It’s been said a lot already, but still very important: if you see something in the store that is different than explained or you see something else that is out of the ordinary, please mention it in the comments of the specific task because this can be very useful for the reviewer, Project Manager or the client.

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