An inside look into Roamler’s IT department

As a Roamler you are often busy with the Roamler app. It is therefore important that it functions as well as possible. In order to ensure the Roamler app works properly, several people work on the app and the associated systems on a daily basis. In this blog Jasmine from Roamler’s IT team tells how they operate! Curious? Then read along!

So, tell us – who are you, when did you start at Roamler and what is your job at Roamler?

My name is Jasmine and I am a Senior QA Engineer at Roamler.
My interests range from Test Engineering, Software Testing and improving softwares, to writing, painting and reading. I am also a ‘nerd’; interested in languages, Star Wars and technology.
I began my journey at Roamler on the 1st of May 2018, when I became part of the IT team at Roamler HQ in Amsterdam. My responsibilities include testing the Roamler Admin Portal (where your tasks are managed) and the Roamler App, as well as improving quality and giving feedback about the testing efforts to the developers.

What does the job ‘QA Engineer / Tester’ exactly mean?

Keeping the scope of IT in mind, it is someone who checks/tests the software that is being developed to ensure that it behaves as expected, before it goes out to the actual user.

What does your team look like? How do you work together?

Me, along with the other Tester, are shared by two teams that work for the IT department at Roamler; the backend-team (whose responsibility is the development of the Roamler Admin Portal) and the mobile-app team (whose responsibility is the development and maintenance of the Roamler App).
Together we ensure that the Roamler systems are working like a well oiled machine.

How is it to work at Roamler and what’s the most fun part of your job as tester?

Working at Roamler is exciting and always something that gives me a reason to get out of my bed and go to the office (well, technically it’s my alarm :P).
But the most fun part of my job as a QA Engineer is working with a team that is so incredibly talented, humourous and kind. This, coupled with the satisfaction of working on a product that aims to make a difference in the world.

Can you tell us something about the process from “bug report to fixed bug”?

Once a bug is reported by a Roamler, it is sent to the QA/Tester to be reproduced on the test set-up we have. We try to see if we can ‘create’ the exact same problem.
Once the steps to reproduce the issue are established, a developer works on finding a viable solution and implements it. This solution is then checked and tested by the QA/Tester again, who gives the seal of approval.
Only once all steps are done, the bug is counted as FIXED.

Why can it sometimes be that what a Roamler encounters is not fixable within a sec / days?

Because the bug that a Roamler encounters needs to be investigated first to find the root cause. Only then we can start working on a sustainable but viable solution, followed by tests to check if the fix was good enough or not. Once the fix is given the green flag, it is lined up for implementation to the “live” Roamler environment, the one you – as a Roamler – use! The speed of this implementation is done depending on the importance of the issue; if it is a high risk issue, then it is pushed as soon as possible, if it is not, then it is pushed to the live environment with the next scheduled release. Which can sometimes be multiple days.
Also, while we are able to fix some issues quickly because the solution is easy, we are also working on new features that need attention and work. Thus, often the time to fix a bug/issue that a Roamler encounters varies and can therefore not always be fixed instantly.

What feature of the app do you think Roamlers should really use?

I think Roamlers should use the in-app payments, the task gallery and the app pincode – because security is number 1 priority!

Do you have any last tips for Roamlers that encounter bugs / things with the app?

When you encounter problems with the app, send in a bug report as soon as possible (settings – about – ‘report a problem’). The sooner you send a bug report after the undesired app behaviour, the better we can find out what happened, when. Or drop us a line about the behaviour you see, through the messages centre in the app. Also, screenshot or record the irregular behavior if possible. Investigating the problem becomes much easier when there are screenshots and/or screen recordings (note: you may only e-mail these by request of your local support team).

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