Best Food Hacks for 2018

With the start of the new year, perhaps some of you have decided to eat healthier and cook more homemade meals. As we all know, resolutions are hard to keep up. Luckily, we can always turn to our fellow Roamlers for a bit of help. With this post we attempt to make those resolutions a little more bearable, and to save us some time in the kitchen.

A while ago we asked Roamlers to share with us their best food hacks, to make our lives a little easier. Out of all the great hacks that were sent in, we gathered the most unique and useful hacks in this post.

Roamler Charlotte’s Grandmother taught her a useful little trick when she was younger. When using a sticky food, such as honey or syrup, simply heat up the spoon before using it, and the food will slide right off! No more messy countertops or sticky fingers from now on.

We received quite a few slicing and dicing hacks, like this hack Roamler Kirsty came up with. She found a way to slice your mushrooms quickly and evenly: use an egg slicer! This hack will save you a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of mushrooms to cut. Roamler Jeanette found a similar hack on the internet. To make some quick and even potato wedges, she uses her apple cutter. Done within seconds!

Roamler Pawel learned this next great hack from his wife! This hack means we can say goodbye to crying over onions. The trick is to thoroughly rinse the knife in cold water before using it to cut the onions. No more teary-eyed cooking sessions!

Roamler Louise always immerses her lemons in hot water before squeezing them, since she found out about this useful hack! The fruit will become juicier and will release more juice, without much effort!

For this next hack, we must thank Valentín, a good friend of Roamler Arianna. When you prepare some delicious homemade guacamole, put in the avocado pit when storing it. This will keep it fresh! ‘It sounds strange’, Arianna says, ‘but it works!’

Another useful hack was suggested by Roamlers Huda and Selina. We all know the struggle of removing a bit of egg shell that found its way into the bowl. Somehow it always manages to escape, despite our efforts. Luckily, this hack means the end of our frustration. Next time, simply wet your finger and the water will attract the egg shell. Definitely one to remember!

This last hack was submitted by three different Roamlers, so it must be a very promising one. Roamlers Steven, Graeme and Aurora all found an easy way to peel garlic – without touching it! This will save us from fiddling around and stinky hands. For this hack all you need to do is put the garlic in a jar and shake it vigorously for about one minute, and the garlic will have peeled itself!

We can’t wait to start using these hacks. Are you just as excited and curious for other food hacks? You can find all other submissions (with some great other hacks) here:


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