Growing Word challenge

Last month, we asked Roamlers to partake in creating a “Growing Word Sentence”: A sentence that starts out with 1 letter, and with every word, increases the letter amount by another letter (eg. the second word has 2 letters, the third has 3 letters, etc.). An example of 5 word sentence is “I am not that small.”

We had some incredibly interesting submissions from our Roamlers. Some furry friends joined in on the fun, with the first photo supporting the sentence ‘I am not very happy around animals’.

Iamnotveryhappyaroundanimals Iamonewithlargefelinecuddles

While others channeled their inner foodie, some Roamlers opted for a more artistic expression:
iJoeatmanylargeyellowbananasannually iamthezanychieflikingroamler iamthebestwoman

And others used this opportunity to pay homage to the Roamler community:
otogetthatphotosimplyperfect iamtherealcrownprinceRoamler

Thanks for everyone for submitting their Growing Words! Which one is your favourite?

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