Photo a Week November: The Winners

In November we’ve asked you to submit creative photos in four different categories: Reflections, Textures, Sound and Lines. From all the amazing submissions, the Roamler team chose 4 photos for each category. You then had the opportunity to vote on your favourite photos. It’s now time to reveal the winners! Thank you for all the submissions and congratulations to the winners!


The winner of week 1, Reflections, is Penny S. The photo of her dog with her favourite ball was taken on Chesil Beach in Dorset.


The winner of week 2, Textures, is Lisa K. The photo was taken at Kings Cross in London, and Lisa thinks that the light on the beams is beautiful.


The winner of week 3, Sound, is Rachel L. The picture is from the Dreams of Christmas show in Disneyland Paris. According to Rachel, it shows the noise of the fireworks.


The winner of week 4, Lines, is Linda W. The photo was taken in Barbados. Linda said that the caterpillars were all over the plants at the Villa that they stayed at. ‘So many lines on them!!’

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