Guess the cover

Recently, we challenged you to guess the Album and DVD covers that were depicted by other Roamlers in the ‘Cover it’ task. Most of you correctly guessed the first 3 covers. Some Roamlers were able to find the 4 covers depicted in the task, well done! The cover depicting ‘The Truman Show’ appeared to be the most difficult one. You can now find out which Album and DVD covers you guessed correctly.

Thank you all for your guesses; we hope you had fun completing this task!

Cover 1 – ‘Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon’ by Roamler Michael


Cover 2 – ‘OASIS – Definitely Maybe’ by Roamler Tim


Cover 3 – ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico – Andy Warhol’  by Roamler Danielle


Cover 4 – ‘The Truman Show’ by Roamler Jack



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