Guess the movie scene

A few weeks ago, we challenged you to guess the movie scenes created by five creative Roamlers. We know that some photos were difficult to guess, but you all did a great job! Unfortunately no one guessed the five movies, but several Roamlers got 4 answers right. It is now time to announce the correct answers, and the authors of each movie scene:

The first three movies are Gravity, by Ruth; Thelma and Louise, by Erica and The Italian Job, by Andy.

movie1                 movie2                         movie3

The other movies that Roamlers had to guess are Spiderman 2, by Michelle and Rain Man, by Valerie

movie4                            movie5

The last photo (Rain Man) appeared to be the most difficult one, since only two people found out which movie was depicted there. On the other hand, most of you guessed correctly the second movie (Thelma and Louise).

Thank you for all your submissions, we hope you had fun guessing the movies!

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