World Cup predictions

The World Cup  in Brazil has started and the world is watching which team will return with the Cup. We asked Roamlers to share their predictions about the group phase, the number of goals, the top scorer and winning country. The task was available in different Roamler countries, so the predictions can be compared.

The Roamlers are all very confident that their country will win the finals. In the table below you will see that 35% of the Belgium Roamlers predicts that Belgium will win the cup compared to 0% or 1% of the Roamlers in other countries. On average Brazil is mostly tipped as the winner.

Predictions of..

The predictions for the group phase show less difference between the countries, although the faith in your own countries abilities is high. Take a look at the predictions of Chile and the Netherlands for group B, where there will be a lot of competition between (Roamler) countries Chile, Spain and the Netherlands.

For group D Italy is mostly predicted as the winner. However this is predicted by 47% of the Italian Roamlers. 65% of both the French and German Roamlers believe Italy will be the winner of this group. A high percentage of Roamlers believe France will be the winner of group E and most Roamlers expect Germany to be the winner of group G. Especially the Belgium Roamlers are very confident that Belgium will be the winner of group H.

The estimated number of goals scored in this tournament ranged from 3 goals (predicted by a UK Roamler) to 3562 goals (suggested by an Italian Roamler). The predictions of the top scorer varied per country. Again, the national players are higher ranked for each country, but overall Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo rank high in your predictions.

If you want to ‘dive’ more into the data: the results on these tasks are available in this Google Docs file.


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