French Croissants

To celebrate France getting on board the Roamler ride, we decided to create a task inspired by something quintessentially French – the croissant! We asked you to take a photo of your local ‘croissant-dealer’ (or bakery) and received an array of submissions which made our mouths water! It’s almost as though you can smell the freshly-baked treats through the screen!

You located dozens of bakeries across the UK – from Brighton to Edinburgh; Swansea to Norwich – while the highest concentration of bakeries visited by you was in and around London.

French croissants map

We were also interested in what comes to mind when you think of France. French food was a popular category, with many of you being keen on more than just the croissants. The cheese, wine and bread were the most common culinary associations.

The task also seemed to recall memories of visits to France for a number of you. Who could forget a trip to Paris – the ‘City of Light’ – seeing the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and just soaking up the atmosphere on the streets and in the cafés? Or a relaxed holiday in the south of France, made perfect by the beautiful weather and idyllic coastline.

Either way, we’re all very excited to welcome France to the Roamler community. Maybe you’ll even be able to perform some Roamler tasks on your next visit there…
Vive la France!

croissants web large

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