European Elections

This week it’s time to vote in the European Union (EU) elections. Therefore, we created a task for all Roamlers in the European Union. We were curious about the media attention for the EU Elections in your country and wondered if you were planning to vote yourself. The task was done in 9 countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Spain. A total of exactly 1111 Roamlers completed the task!

In almost every country Roamlers were not quite satisfied with the media attention given to the EU elections. Most of you indicated that there could be more attention in the media and on the streets. Only Roamlers in Germany and Poland believed that there was enough attention. However, all European Roamlers agreed that it was relatively clear which parties are participating in the elections.

The medias that have been used were also quite similar all over Europe; in almost every country posters and billboards on the street were generally used to convince you to vote. Secondly, Roamlers often indicated that they were persuaded to vote via national television. Thirdly, an ad or article in the newspaper were frequently mentioned by you, Roamlers, as well. The efficiency of flyers was a bit different; this wasn’t often mentioned in The Netherlands and France, though in the UK this was the most popular.

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And were there any other sources of information? Here are some examples you have given:
-Voting pass or letter in The Netherlands and Sweden
– People on the street in Germany and Spain
– Ads on trams and buses in Italy and Belgium
– Leaflets through the door in the UK

Now, in which country did the media attention appear to be most effective? Or in other words: Where do the most people vote?
The winner is…
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