Mobile History

We all appreciate our modern smartphones but it also seems that a lot of Roamlers enjoy the opportunity to reminisce about their old phones. We asked you to take a trip down memory lane by sharing your mobile history with us, and you responded with some great submissions!

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Most Roamlers were able to find at least one old phone lying around the house, with many of you showing off quite impressive collections. There were also some interesting creative photos from those of you who haven’t kept your old mobiles.

Nokia was the most common brand in the ‘first mobile phone’ category, although quite a few of you also had a Motorola or a Sony Ericsson. The term ‘brick’ was a popular one in your descriptions of these ‘prehistoric’ phones!

While a small proportion of Roamlers have had internet on their mobiles since the late nineties, the largest group of you (roughly one third) got it between 2008 and 2010. I think we’d all agree it’s a pretty handy tool these days, and as one Roamler said: ‘Thanks for bringing me back! Can’t say I miss using my old phones!’

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