And the winners are…

When we are brainstorming the categories for the Photo a Week challenges we never know what sort of photos we are going to get. For some categories we feel like we can anticipate what some of the submissions will look like, but we never cease to be surprised. In this installment of the Photo a Week challenged we picked a combination of new and contrasting categories: fresh, night, spooky, nostalgic, and colour.

It is an understatement to say that the submissions we have received are amazing, creative, original, and beautiful. It look a long time to decide which submissions should win, and believe me when I say, there wasn’t a single category for which the decision was unanimous.

However we finally came to a decision, and we would like to congratulate Roamlers Helen, Eleanor, Lee, Ruth and Arunas!


Roamler Helen took this photo in June 2007 on the South Bank in Melbourne, Australia. She chose this photo because she loves the lights across the river. Can you believe that this photo is unedited? We were amazing to see how such bold, plain buildings could create such beautiful colours cascading across the water.



Roamler Eleanor took this photo in June 2013 in Wengen, Switzerland. She chose the photo because it shows the fresh, natural beauty of the mountain flowers. Not to mention the blue sky and clear water in the background. The photo wasn’t even edited, which goes to show how beautiful this landscape actually is. This photo makes you wants to run through the fields and jump in the water. It would nice to literally take in a breath of fresh air and jump into this landscape.


Roamler Lee got really creative with his spooky photo. He took this photo in a dark country lane and used Snapspeed, Artage & Camera Hoax to edit the photo. It may not look that spook at first, but take a good look at the left hand corner of his glasses and you will see what gave us a fright! It goes without saying why we chose this photo. You really surprised us Lee, fantastic effort.
















Roamler Ruth look a very literal interpretation of the category and shared her gallery of memories with us, including photos of herself, friends, and family. What we found the most striking about this photo was all of the different and colourful photo frames. The best part is that this montage of memories has obviously been a working process for a while, which means that Ruth’s creativity goes beyond just her Roamler submissions!


Roamler Arunas took this photo a few weeks prior to the Photo a Week competition in Seaford and edited it using Instagram. The simplicity of this photo is part of what makes it so great. We love the repeating houses in alternating colours and the bright blue sky in the background. This photo is perfect combination of natural and man-made colours complimenting each other.

What did you think of the categories for this instalment of the Photo a Week challenge? There is a new Photo a Week competition every six months, so comment below and give us your feedback. If you have a great idea for a category let us know and we might use it next time.

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