Roamler and Me

What is it like to be working for a start-up?

Here…. I have arrived to learn the practicalities of the professional world, It was an amazing feeling when I found myself ready for a professional environment and to put theory into practice. Then as soon as I bloomed out of that feeling, I went into another euphoric state: when I found an internship at a start-up company, Roamler. The profound feeling was due to making a space in current fad, which we are all experiencing around us these days; such as Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Roamler is full of countless possibilities and learning experiences, which is so much different from what you learn in Management & Organization course as a part of your study, which teaches you about tunnel vision hierarchies and organizational behavior.

I am in the final year of my bachelors in Marketing Management and I feel great about finding an internship at Roamler where I learn all about new and digitized ways of mystery shopping and its importance in today’s ever changing and competitive commercial world. The company doesn’t follow a stand alone structure, it is composed of two components such as its clients and the Roamlers. Roamlers are valued and appreciated because they help in achieving its goal. The application can be downloaded and anyone can make money or find a useful and exciting activity to perform.

At Roamler we are like a family, where everybody is responsible for the actions that they put in to make Roamler a success each day. Though the culture is extremely informal, it acquires strict policies, which grantees quality deliveries to our clients.

Each day I learn a new approach, a new task and something outstanding about the company, such as high speed delivery to clients. So far I have learnt nothing is impossible, all we need is to try our best and learn!

As I move further ahead at Roamler, I want to apply the marketing skills I have learnt in my educational career. I want to learn the new marketing skills and techniques undertaken by start-ups, which are way faster and efficient. Techniques and skills, which consist of deployment of the mobile workforce at different locations and learning about a variety of consumer insights. The insights, which are random and diverse, don’t belong to any particular focus group but collect the information from various ranges of demographics.

Working at Roamler is a unique experience, which is not yet laid in theory books with much detail. Here you learn through experience and practice with a “Go Getter” attitude.

Today when I am provided with a platform, I would like to share two things I have learnt through my educational career. The first is never let anyone else tell you what your capabilities are and secondly, don’t ever be scared to try new things; just jump in and before you know it, you will be through.


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