Vitamin Victory

Most of us have busy, bordering on chaotic lives. Finding enough time in the day to sit down and eat healthy and nutritious meals can be a challenge. As a result, a vast majority of people fail to meet their daily vitamin requirements. While many people continue to stick to the traditional ways of getting (or trying to get) their daily intake of vitamins and minerals (through eating a balanced diet), lots of people have started relying on vitamin supplements in order to meet their daily requirements.

There are still debates amongst the scientific community regarding the usefulness and benefits of vitamin and mineral supplements. While some doctors and scientists swear by the benefits of supplements, saying that they make up for a lack of balance in your diet, others say that use of the supplements can lead to consuming too much of particular vitamins and minerals, which can subsequently have a detrimental effect on the body.

In the ‘Vitamin Victory’ task we wanted to know your views on vitamin and mineral supplements, and here is what you had to say.

It turns out that the majority of Roamlers do take vitamin and/or mineral supplements. 70.73 of Roamlers take vitamin and/or mineral supplements  compared to 29.27% that choose not to. 

Which vitamin and/or mineral supplements are most commonly taken by Roamlers?
– 43% take Multivitamins
– 16% take Iron
– 12%
take Omega 3 fish oil
– 10% take Cod liver
– 10% take Zinc


Why did Roamlers decide not to take vitamin and/or mineral supplements?
1. Felt it wasn’t necessary when you eat a balanced diet (more than 90% of Roamlers who didn’t take vitamin and/or mineral supplements, said they got their daily intake through a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables)
2. Too expensive
3. Vitamin and mineral supplements can cause problems when not taken properly (or too much taken)

When push comes to shove we all do what works best for us, and as long as we are healthy and happy that is all that matters. If you didn’t get a chance to complete the task and want to weigh in on what you do/think is better, let us know by commenting below! 

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