For some people sunglasses only serve a practical purpose, whereas for others sunglasses are a big part of their style. We asked Roamlers about their sunglasses and here is what they had to say. First, we wanted to know how many pairs of sunglasses Roamlers had; 1 3, 10? It turns out that the majority only have 1 pair, but a select few had more than 10!  We were also curious what characteristics were most important in determining a good pair of sunglasses. UV protection and shape were by far the most important characteristics specified by Roamlers. The rest of the list of preferred characteristics was very long so we will only share the top ones.

Most common characteristics Roamlers looked for in a pair of sunglasses:
Black/Orange tint
Strong frame
Light frame
Block out glare from the sun
Suit face shape
Sturdy and long lasting

We also asked when Roamlers wear their sunglasses. The majority of Roamlers only wear them when it is sunny, but many Roamlers also say they are a necessity while driving, or after a night out.

Curious what kind of Sungasses out Roamlers are actually wearing? Check it out!


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