When you are not performing tasks, creating smooties or going out to the gym, Roamlers tend to read books. On an e-reader or from paper; everybody has their preferences. Most of the time you buy books, order them online or borrow them from family and friends. The library is not used very often and also buying digital books for your e-reader is not as common compared the other options listed in this chart below.

In this task we also asked you which genre of books were your favourite. Roamlers are a very diverse group. Some of you prefer horror, while others are more interested in Romance. Autobiographies of sportsmen, singers or people like Bear Grylls are recommended.



Fantasy books are also popular. In the pictures above you can see which books are being read at the moment by Roamlers. Other Roamlers like horror stories better, but didn’t seem to have books lying around and were creative in depicting horror in their photos.



Romance and Thriller (and the classical who dun it) and were also mentioned a lot in this task. If you are into these genres as well, here are some recommendations of your fellow Roamlers.


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