Children’s Parties


Throwing a children’s party can be both time consuming and expensive. To top it all off, kids these days spend more time watching telly and playing video games, then they do outside. This means that when you’re throwing a party for them you need to go that extra mile to keep them entertained.  Since many Roamlers are parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles,  we consulted the experts for great children’s parties theme ideas. In case that wasn’t enough, we also asked Roamlers to share their party money saving secrets  so everyone would be able to throw a fabulous children’s birthday bash!

Interesting Party ideas:
Inside – boys and girls
Cookie Monster party: cupcakes with cookie monster designs, and decorate your own cookie monster cookies. Cookies serve both as entertainment, and  take home edible party favours.
Pizza Party: fill the table with bowls of toppings and children can make their own pizza! Also a great way to sneak in a lesson on food education.
Party on a Train: (children accompanied by their parents) bring a picnic, drinks, and a small stereo for music.

Outside – boys and girls
Detective Challenge party: children split into groups and have to follow clues. The group that finds that last clue wins a prize!
Teddy Bear Picnic party: bring own teddies, and children can design t shirts for their teddies.

Girls only
Girls Make-over party: hand massage and manicure, foot massage and pedicure.

Boys only
Teenage mutant ninja turtles fancy dress party: boys dress up as ninja turtles.

Money saving tips:
Make invitations yourself
Instead of buying readymade ordering in or getting a caterer, make cake and food yourself
Get decorations and contents of party bags from pound stores
Ask parents to bring an item of food
Make piñata out of paper mâché

Although the themes are geared specifically to children’s parties, the money saving tips are widely applicable for party throwing. DIY’s are a creative and easy solution for keeping money in the bank but still having a swell time. Happy partying!

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