Try to remember…

Everyone is (to some extent) forgetful, and in the ‘Try to remember’ task we asked you to reveal to us the things you were most forgetful about. Although some of the items were expected, there were a few things that Roamlers forgot which we found much more surprising. For example, there were a number of Roamlers that forgot to feed their pets – oh dear!

Top 10 things/items most frequently forgotten by Roamlers (with the first item being the most frequently forgotten item):
Birthday of friends/family
Login details
Grocery list and groceries
Feed pet


Roamlers also had a number of great tips for reducing forgetfulness.  Below are some of the top tips (most of which were suggested by numerous Roamlers), divided into three categories.

Tip for remembering items (eg. keys, wallet, lunch):
Have a designated place for the items you forget to bring. Ideally, next to the front door. Before leaving the house, recite the list of things you need (and tend to forget): keys…purse…phone…lunch…keys…purse…phone…lunch!

Tip for remembering dates/log ins (inc. passwords)/appointments:
Write them down!! If written down, log in information should obviously be kept in a private place, but dates and appointments can be written down in an agenda that you use daily or in a calender that is up on the wall.

Tip for remember to feed your pet(s):
If your pet(s) isn’t reminding you, leave notes around the house (e.g. on your bathroom mirror or front door)  to remind yourself to feed them. Leaving the bag/can of food on the kitchen counter, accompanied by a reminder note should be enough!

Routine routine routine! The most frequently recited tip by Roamlers was to get into a routine to help minimize forgetting to do things and leaving things behind.

Did you find these tips helpful? Get involved and let us know on our blog, Facebook, or Twitter pages! 



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