Extreme Sports and Muscle Pain

Bungee jumping, ice caving, rock climbing, scuba diving, white water rafting, bouldering, Muay Thai. These are just a few of the extreme sports that you like to do in your spare time. With extreme sports, come extreme muscle pain and these Roamlers know it better than anyone! In the ‘Extreme Sports and Muscle Pain’ task we asked Roamlers about the extreme sports they did, and how they dealt with (or avoided) muscle pain.

Tips for tending to (or avoiding) muscle pain:
Take a hot bath, or use a sauna or steam room to loosen and sooth muscles
Take a cold bath to reduce lactic acid and encourage muscles to repair faster
Ice sore muscles
Tiger balm
Hot water bottles
Protein shake after sport to help repair muscles
Proper cool down

Do you have any tips on tending to, or avoiding muscle pain?

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