Swedish questions answered

Recently Swedish Roamlers performed a task in which they could ask Dutch Roamlers questions. Along with sharing the results with Swedish Roamlers, we also wanted to share the results with you.

How many Roamlers are there in Holland?
Around 4000 Roamlers are active in the Netherlands, but the number fluctuates with new Roamlers joining and other Roamlers who are not active anymore.

Can I perform tasks in the Netherlands or UK with my Swedish account?
You can perform scout tasks in other countries. Whether or not you can perform the task is dependent on the language of the task, and the language settings of your Roamler account. In order to perform Dutch scout tasks, add Dutch to your language settings.

What is the highest XP score?
We can tell you there is a Roamler in level 9 with 60241 XP. You might wonder how this Roamler got there. To answer this question we asked Roamlers in level 8 and level 9 to tell us their secrets on getting a lot of XP. Here are some of their tips:

– Invest time in performing Roamler tasks. Some of the Roamler in level 8 and 9 have irregular hours for their job and are ‘lucky’ to be able to perform a lot of tasks during the hours they don’t have the work.

Perform all tasks, also the unpaid ones in order to earn as much XP as you can. Performing the unpaid tasks that become available every week will lead to a growing amount of XP.

Check the app every morning for tasks on the way to work or school. Some Roamlers get up early to make sure they can perform some extra task on their way. Others get up early on Saturday to perform some tasks.

When you are a Roamler in an area where there are not a lot of other active Roamlers, there are more tasks available for your to perform. They will add up.

Having your own means of transportation helps; a bike or a car makes it possible to perform tasks in a wider area

Thanks to Robert, Ed, Mark, Edwin and Roy for giving these insights! If you have any questions, let us know!

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