Neurotic Traits

Do you always have to double check if the gas is off, if the door is locked, wash your hands every hour, use the centre stall in a public toilet, or nitpick and correct everything? Almost everyone has several neurotic tendencies. You probably don’t find your own traits annoying, but they can annoy people around you to death.

We asked you to tell us about a neurotic trait that you have, and the neurotic traits other people have that you find the most annoying. We were also curious about what the funniest compulsion you had ever heard was. The funniest thing about the results of this task is that the neurotic traits you had and the neurotic traits that were found most annoying frequently corresponded!


Top 5 most common neurotic traits among Roamlers

–          Double checking that doors were locked

–          Turning power socket switches off (at night, or when not in use)

–          Correcting everyone else’s spelling and grammar

–          Obsessive hand washing

–          Thing needing to be placed specifically (equal space in between things, items straight and balanced)

The top two traits that Roamlers found most irritating were double checking that doors were locked, and washing hands obsessively. It appears as though a lot of Roamlers would be really irritated by each other’s traits!


The responses we received for the funniest compulsion Roamlers has ever heard of  rarely overlapped. Since we can’t share them all with you, here are some of our favourites:


“I recently heard about a person having to wipe her kitchen floor with disinfectant four times a day because she thought it got too dirty. She lived on her own.”


“A friend of mine will not touch buttons. She won’t buy clothes with buttons and she won’t ever touch them.”


“A friend of mine must touch every poster he walks past.”


“Only eating white food because her last name is snow.” 


If we’ve learned anything from this, we probably shouldn’t put a bunch of Roamers in one room together 😉 you would drive each other crazy in a minute!

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