Roamler says Välkommen!

The adventures of Roamlers continue, since today Roamler Sweden will launch. The first Swedish Roamlers  (the F50) have been able to use the app for a couple of days and as of today more Roamlers will be invited to join. And yes, if you have some invites left, you can invite Swedish Roamlers.

We were interested what you, the ‘hardcore’ UK and Dutch Roamlers thought of when thinking about Sweden, just as we did when we launched in the UK. We also wanted to give you the opportunity to give the new Swedish Roamlers some pointers.

When mentioning Sweden you said that you think of Ikea, Abba, the beautiful nature of the country and meatballs (which is the same for the Dutch Roamlers). But you also think of design (not mentioned by the Dutch Roamlers), Spotify, snow, chocolate and moose. Below you will find some of the submissions we received.


The tips you had for Swedish Roamlers were mainly about having fun with performing task, performing tasks as well as possible and checking the app regularly for new tasks. We really like the tips you gave new Roamlers, because it also gave us some insight into how you think about Roamler. We love to hear that your having fun with the task and checking the app regularly.

Do as many tasks as you can and be creative as you can!! It’s fun!

Advice to Roamlers is always have your phone on hand as you never know what you may come across, especially if you have to take a photo quickly to capture the moment.

Always check for new tasks when you are in a new area and when you are traveling turn location services on to be notified of new tasks.

Enjoy Roamler and earn money at the same time! Be aware though, its very addictive! 🙂

Always read the briefing carefully and make sure your picture is clear.

Enjoy the challenges Roamler sets out. They are like a treasure hunt and are really fun.

To enjoy Roamler, try to get some people you work or live with involved to make it more exciting and a bit of a competition to see who gets the most XP.

Win a trip to Stockholm?
The Swedish team has a challenge for you; do you have a great tip for a Swedish task? Inform the Swedish team (via about it! The ultimate lead to a commercial task with at least 200 checks will earn you a trip to Stockholm.

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