‘Flush’ of the past

Can’t help it, but i am fascinated by toilet signs. Symbols in general have my interest, from the icons used for the olympics pictograms for the different sports, to road signs. Symbols have to explain what is meant (without using words) and everyone should be able to understand them.

Toilet sign are the ultimate challenge; how to make sure that creativity is shown, make sure the sign matches the venue AND clarify which toilet is for men and which one for women. It is a challenge, for example, ladies on the signs normally wear a dress, guys get pants. Only useful when the toilet is used by people where only women always wear a dress.

Being creative is a bit of a challenge as well. Sometimes the signs will show which clothing is appropriate to wear, as at the tennis club or a water world amusement park. Roalmers also found famous people being used as indicators of which toilet to use. Men must follow Clint Eastwood or Frank Sinatra, women are asked to enter the door with Marilyn Monroe.


A while ago we had a task to take pictures of a toilet sign (a long while ago that is). Above you’ll find some pictures Roamlers took. Being fascinated by toilet signs, I have also taken quite some pictures of toilet signs, from the more creative ones to the more standard signs. Taking these pictures starts up an interesting conversation sometimes, just as performing Roamler tasks. What is the funniest conversation you ever had, performing a Roamler task?


2 thoughts on “‘Flush’ of the past

  1. Hi Barbera
    i just found out about ROAMLER… It seams to be an interesting idea.
    But i can not participate without an activation code (invite).
    any chance you could invite me…?

    and talking about the sings, i always liked the variety of “beware of the dog” sings, some of the realy cach my eye…

    • Hello 🙂

      You can get an activation code from Roamlers level 3 and up. The best way to get an activation code is by keeping an eye out on the Roamler Facebook pages and twitter accounts.

      Good luck and we hope to see you on Roamler soon,

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