Thank goodness we have coffee!

We are not Peter Pan and we don’t stay kids forever. Unfortunately, most of us lack the energy we had as kids, but still have long lists of things to do everyday. Whether it is your wake-up call in the morning, your pick-me-up in the afternoon or your dessert after dinner, coffee is a life line for most people. Coffee comes in many forms and many flavors and can take anywhere from seconds to minutes to make.

In the level 1 ‘Coffee lovers’ task we asked you what kind of coffee you drank the most at home, and why you preferred this particular type of machine and/or coffee.  Here is what you said:

The majority of UK Roamlers prefer instant coffee, followed by ground coffee. We discovered that the greater part of Roamlers that chose ‘other’, were actually tea lovers. Not a big surprise for the United Kingdom.

That being said, tea lovers, you haven’t been forgotten! We have now developed a ‘Tea lovers’ task and we want to know all about your tea drinking habits. The task is now available to all Roamlers so check out the app and tell us how you like your tea.

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