How to… lose weight?

We’ve probably all tried to lose weight at some point in our lives… Or at least we attempted to eat healthier and exercise more. In the task ‘Happy New Year!’ we asked you for your New Year’s resolutions and many of you indicated that you’d like to lose a few pounds. On our blog you can find other resolutions.

We were curious about your diet efforts. Which methods for losing weight or living healthier have you tried? Do you choose a specific diet or are you going to the gym more often? Why did or didn’t this work for you? 109 Roamlers completed this task.

First we asked you what methods for loosing weight you’ve tried in the past.  You named various methods. Three categories which where called the most:

The diets you tried the most were Weight Watchers (11) and Slimming World (7).

Top 10 of tips Roamlers named to loose weight:

– Buy light choises of food, it really helps you to get more thin;
– Stop drinking beer has a huge effect, as several Roamlers told us;
– Recording your progress has a great impact, it gives you new energy;
– When you’ve got a routines exercise plan, you’re more shore of sticking to it;
– Protien shakes can help you loose weight and help with the muscle gain;
– Drink water as it’s healthy and it can help you feel fuller when you’re hungry;
– Dieting/sporting in groups, the motivation of others keeps you at it;
– A schedule for eating and sporting helps you to realize your plan;
– Be determined and stick with it, otherwise you may fall back in your old rituals;
– The most important thing is the willpower to do it! If you do not want to lose weight, it won’t work.

Hopefully this blog can help you with losing weight, we wish you all the luck!



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