Hello Roamlers!

My name is Tai Tamminga. As of last week I closed the door on my student years, and began a new phase in my life. I handed in my thesis, walked the graduation ceremony, and officially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University College Utrecht; majoring in psychology and criminology, with a minor in anthropology. During the course of my degree, and after spending a great deal of time in the UK I decided to do a semester on exchange at the University of Leeds. In the midst of those six months in England I discovered that my true passion was marketing and communications .

During my last year I decided that if I wanted to get into the field of marketing and communications I had to take action. I started applying to internships all over the Netherlands but couldn’t seem to find the right fit. Finally, I stumbled across Roamler, a cool company in Amsterdam looking for someone with a psychology degree, an interest in marketing, and who was a native speaker to do an internship and play a big part in Roamler UK. I thought to myself, check… check… and check. That’s me! As you may have guessed, I got the internship, and couldn’t be happier.

Everyone here at Roamler is incredibly friendly and I am thoroughly looking forward to the next few months. Everyone seems as excited to teach me as I am to learn; a flawless combination! So here I am, a Canadian girl, living in the Netherlands, ready to learn, throw a twist into the team and make your Roamler experience the best that it can be.

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