Earn money by recruiting new Roamlers!

The dedication of Roamlers is amazing: together we execute a lot of tasks all across the country. Of course we would like to grow, since there are still a lot of regions where we need more Roamlers.

And who is best in finding new Roamlers? That’s right: Roamlers! It has always been the case that when you reach level 3, you will receive your first invite code that you can give to someone. In level 4 you will receive 2 codes, in level 5 you will receive 3 codes, etcetera. Probably not many of you have noticed this, because in the UK Roamler is open to everyone and you don’t need a code to start using the app. But starting from today, you will be rewarded if you’re going to use your invite codes! This is all according to our principle: quid pro quo. Your invite code is worth real money from today on!

How does it work?
From level 3 and up you will receive new invite codes with each level you reach. You can send this invite to someone you think might want to become an active Roamler: this will be your ‘Roamler Recruit’.

When your Roamler Recruit reaches level 2, you will earn £2. Instantly. From that moment on you will get 2% of the amount your Roamler Recruit is earning. For example: when your Recruit performs a £2 check, you will receive 4 cents without having to do anything. It might not sound as a lot of money, but experienced Roamlers know that small amounts add up to big amounts.

Fine print
It might seem too good to be true and maybe you are wondering what’s the catch. So, in regular print, we will tell you:

– You have to be an active Roamler yourself in order to receive money from your Roamler Recruit(s). This means you’ll still have to perform tasks yourself: at least one every four months.

– You will receive the £2 on your account once your Roamler Recruit reaches level 2. When your Roamler Recruit doesn’t get any further than level 1, you won’t receive any money, and you’ve lost your invite code.

– You will get 2% of the amount your Roamler Recruit earns with a paid task. Once the task gets accepted, you will receive 2% of this amount. This 2% won’t be deducted from the amount your Roamler Recruit earns: you both earn cash!

– When your invite code is not being used for registration within 30 days, you will get it back. Is it used for a registration, but your Roamler Recruit doesn’t get to level 2, you won’t get any cash.

– This new rewarding system starts from today. Friends that you’ve recruited in the past (with or without an invite code) and the paid tasks they’re completing right now, don’t count.

To celebrate this new function, every Roamler in level 2 and up will get one invite code today, so you can start recruiting right away! Invite your iPhone-owning friend, colleague or neighbour so they can start earning money (for you)! But be careful who you want to give an invite code to: you might want to choose someone who you expect will perform a lot of tasks, in regions where not a lot of Roamlers are currently active and where a lot of tasks are available. This way, 2% can mount up to a significant reward!

From level 3 and up you will receive new invite codes with each level you reach. In the app you can invite someone through Account > Friends > Add Friends (plus icon). You can also use the Roamler dashboard on the website to send out invites: click on this link, log in with the email address you use for the app and click on “send an invite”. Make sure the selected language is set on English, fill in a correct email address and click on submit.


48 thoughts on “Earn money by recruiting new Roamlers!

  1. Hi there, am keen to be an active roamler 🙂 would anybody be so kind as to send me an activation code, many thanks x

  2. Hey! I am new on Roamler. i am wondering if someone give me the activation code. I will be very thankfull to him & much love for him

  3. Please please could I have a code if anyone has one. Saving to take my son on holiday for his Birthday and looking for opportunities to be able to save a bit extra. Thanks for reading.

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