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In October we asked you to quiz us about the UK. And you did, you send in a lot of questions and at RoamlerHQ we tried to answer them. We had some difficulties with finding the answers to these questions and it turns out.. there is a lot we don’t know about the UK.

Here are our answers. We didn’t use Google, haven’t used any of the lifelines (like Phone-a-Friend) so we think we didn’t answer a lot of the questions correctly. But take a look for yourself. In the slideshare presentation Teach us UK Q&A we included some pictures you quizzed us on.

Which river does Sheffield get it’s name from? The Sheff?
What is the Prime Minister? David Cameron
The annual ‘Boat Race’ is contested by which two crews? Oxford and Cambridge?
How many different actors have played the role of James Bond? Six
What year was the angel of the north erected? 1745?
What is the correct way to address a duke? A) ‘Sir’, B) ‘Your Grace’, C) ‘My Lord’ C. My Lord
What is our queens name? Elizabeth
What’s the longest river in England? ehh.. blank!
When and how many times have England won the world cup? They haven’t?
Who was the first Prime Minister? No clue, but if you want an answer: Mister Bean
How many birthdays does the queen have?
Two, one for her anniversary and one for being ‘in office’?
What was the best selling rpg in the UK last year ? Call of duty?
Which worldwide known popular UK band in the 1960’s were from Liverpool? The Beatles!
Which famous Disney film did Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books, also write the book for? ehh.. Spy Kids?
Which famous ship, moored at Greenwich, was badly damaged by fire in 2007 and was reopened to the public in April this year? Don’t know. It can’t be the Titanic.
Who is David Tennant? A tv host?
What is the most popular car in the UK? Mini with Union Jack on the roof?
What is toad in the hole? ehh.. something to do with golf?
How many Royal Palaces are there in the UK? 5?
Which came first in the UK – KFC or Burger King? Burger King
From what British county do scones originate? Let guess… Kent!
How do we celebrate about Guy Fawkes? No clue what so ever. 🙂
How many cups of tea are drunk in the UK every day? A.120,000,000 B.130,000,000 C,140,000,000 We go for answer C
What year did women in the uk gain the right to divorce their husbands? 1958
Who is the current king/Queen of the UK? Elizabeth
What are people in the UK called? Brits
What is the residence of the Queen of the UK? Buckingham Palace
What is a Maypole? A stick?
Eastenders is a famous British tv series, what is the name of the main pub? a) The Queen Liz b) The King Henry c) The Queen Vic b) The King Henry
What is Britain’s main export? Harry Potter
Name a tube station in London? Little Venice
What currency is used in the UK? Pound
Name each highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales. Hint: the total is 3. Sorry, we have to pass on this one.
What is the most common word used in written English? “and”
What is the most popular style of food in the UK? Fish and Chips

So.. how did we do?

4 thoughts on “Teach-us-more-about-the-UK-quiz the answers

  1. You are not so bad – after all some of the questioners don’t even know the facts! The Queen is not just Queen of England which is an insult to the rest of us in the UK………

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