Roamler Reply: Peter

Peter's girlfriend depicting Michael Jackson's 'Bad'

I first started using Roamler during the Olympics after helping my girlfriend set up props for a couple of tasks. I quickly realised how much fun it was and the turning point was probably when I helped her set up a picture to depict an album cover. I knew then that I would have to get the app because it looked like so much ridiculous fun! Now we both regularly go and perform Roamler tasks, sometimes as a team effort, sometimes scooping each other to complete a task at a certain location… It’s a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.



Peter's entry for 'Photo a Week: Animals' with which he's won a prize

I sometimes see Roamler as a way of developing my photography. Setting up imaginative shots, or editing photos to post (like creating special shots by combining multiple photos) for the creative shots; I even bought a photo editing app just to create some images. It also gives inspiration to take pictures of things I wouldn’t normally look twice at – eggs in the supermarket? Glasses of water in the pubs – I got a bit of abuse form my friends when I took out my phone after ordering some drinks and a glass of water just to take a photo of
the water.

Filming Location for 'The Flying Scotsman' in Glasgow

I enjoy my films, and am very proud of my home city – Glasgow. One of my all time favourite tasks was one where we had to go around and take pictures of all the filming locations we could find, it made me appreciate how lucky we are to live in such a great city!




I was really surprised at how great the banter (as we say up in the grey north) in the personal responses is. Not only do they respond to your tasks, but will also discuss suggestions for different tasks. It gives a real personal touch to the whole Roamler experience, and makes me feel like I’m contributing. I have enjoyed receiving comments on all of the different tasks, from explaining granny’s recipes and dieting habits to sci-fi films and instructional videos on Youtube.

I’ve definitely started to view everything differently since starting to use Roamler, not just as potential photo opportunities; as a result of some of the social tasks, I’ve started to think more about what I can do to help people and how the built environment might seem to people who experience the world differently.

I’m already planning how I’m going to complete my next task, and looking forward to the response from the Roamler team.

Happy Roamling!

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