Roamler Reply: Ankur

Been in London for 7 years … and I’m finally starting to discover it – welcome to Roamler!

One of many 'Filming Locations' entries from Ankur: The Langham Hotel in London, used for the film Goldeneye.

I don’t think I have ever walked so much as I have in September, since I joined Roamler, finding the best routes to new neighbourhoods … finding if there is a hidden gem round the corner from my friend’s house, or a treasure chest round the corner from mine … My favourite task till date is the Movie Locations one – I think I did about 30 of them (1500XP – read it and weep :P) – but to find out that almost all of Love Actually and Notting Hill (2 of my fav films) were shot all around my vicinity was fascinating!!!

Roamler is having a great effect on my health indirectly too – on the days I have to go out and perform tasks, I end up walking for a couple of hours … which is great!!! I live too much of my life indoors between office and work – so to have a couple of hours out and about a week – with the Flower Check task for example is great fun. Also ofcourse, coming up with the suite of excuses when people ask you why you are taking photos. I’ve now apparently been doing flower and plants research for my girl-friend / my mother / my aunt …. Love the excuses!

One of the many 'Flower check' entries that Ankur submits every week 🙂

Oh, and the absolute agony of a Rejected task … don’ think life prepares you for moments like this. It is clear the Roamler admin run a tight ship … where even Rank 3 and 4 folks are reprimanded for lapses in concentration and blurry photographs. But it does keep one sharp, and focussed at the task at hand. And FINALLY, I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth from my Oyster travel-card … it’s my best friend these days :).

Lovely London with better weather than Holland!

All in all, thanks Roamler – you have shown me, and taught me, more about London than I ever knew … made me think about my unworn clothes (which I wore promptly), my grandparents’ wedding photos, and even how wheelchair accessible London is. I’m sure you’ll continue to astonish and intrigue me … Looking forward to it!!

Ankur – logging off! 🙂





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