Roamler and location services

Roamler uses location services for the app. But what is this exactly, how does it work and what is the influence of it on your battery? In this blog entry we explain how location services work, what you can do to extend battery life of your iPhone and we compare two iPhones with each other: one with location services on and one with location services off.

Two types of location services
Roamler uses two types of location services:

First, we use location services based on cell towers. This type of location services doesn’t require much of your battery, but the location doesn’t get displayed very accurately. Roamler uses this type of location services for the automated push messages (“You are near a task”); you can receive those messages even when you are not performing tasks. With this type of location services the compass needle is visible on your iPhone.

The other type of location services we use is based on GPS. It is very accurate in showing where you (and your iPhone) are, but it requires more battery.

This type of location services is used when reading the description of the task or accepting the task. GPS is used to show you how far away you are from the location of the task. If you accept the task, your GPS location is checked constantly, to determine if the job has been executed at the correct location. It can be compared with using navigation on your iPhone.

We can give you two tips to extend battery life while using Roamler:

  1. When you are not going to use Roamler for a while, don’t close the app while you have accepted a task or if you’re reading the brief of a task. Instead, refresh the task list, cancel all accepted tasks and close the app while you’re in the task list menu.
  2. You might not want to receive the automated push messages. When this is the case, visit the Account menu and tick off ‘location tracking’ in the settings. (NOTE: When location tracking is off, no automated messages will be sent. However, when you read a description or accept at task GPS is used. During that period you might receive those push messages).

The compass needle is visible, even when the ‘light’ version of the cell tower location services is used. The fact that these location services don’t impact your battery life a lot is shown in the video below. Two phones with the same iOS and same version of the app, two accounts with the same number of XP and both phones have ‘traveled’ the same route. Besides the difference in colour, one iPhone has location tracking on (black, Emma) and one iPhone has location tracking off (white, Daan).

After two days the black iPhone with location tracking had 65% battery left and the white one had 72% battery left. There is a  slight difference, but the difference might be less than you had expected. The (Dutch, sorry!) video can be found below.

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