Roamler Reply: Hannah

After starting university last year I found myself with loads of free time, and ended up finding the wonder that is Roamler, through I actually study marketing at uni so I thought: “GREAT, this is perfect to help me understand a different type of market research.” Turns out that I didn’t use it with a marketing head on, instead I found it fun to participate in new tasks and eagerly anticipate the reply to see if they have been accepted! (I love the fact each reply is unique which makes me feel that my opinion actually matters!) It soon became part of my day, checking to see if there were any new tasks for me to do. Some days I would attempt five or more tasks, safe to say I got a little addicted! I soon made it on to the general leaderboard!

I am the type of person who likes to reach a goal, which Roamler provides perfectly! Seeing my experience points forever increasing and then leading to the next level gives me a sense of satisfaction. However it isn’t just the levels to motivate me, for some tasks you even get paid!! One task in particular asked for a photo of how Heineken is presented to you, this meant I HAD to go to the pub and get myself a drink and getting paid to do so, what a shame! 😉
A great thing I found is that you don’t have to go out of your way to complete tasks, once being notified of a task nearby it is usually where I am heading anyway! I was on my way to Tesco for the weekly shop when Roamler popped up on my phone, asking of I could take some photos of the egg display, to be perfectly honestly this reminded me I needed eggs! And there are also the home tasks which require very little effort, perfect for me!
The large variety of tasks means there is always something I will be interested in. If there is a football task, which is exactly my cup of tea, there will constantly be an alternative! The range of tasks go from ‘Getting to know you’ which is all about us the Roamlers, to ‘Granny knows best’ about helpful tips, which was great! I have even got my housemates involved in creating a giant post-it heart on our window for one task, which lead to a few of them downloading the app themselves!

One last little bit, on Facebook there are occasionally links to a blog post about a bunch of our entries all put together which I love to see what other Roamlers are saying 🙂 If you are simply thinking about becoming a Roamler I HIGHLY recommend it! It is something completely unique and you can even pocket a little money! 🙂

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