Free tap water in the UK

The last 3 weekends we’ve asked you to order a glas of tap water next to your other drink and see if this was possible and for free or not. We were curious to know because in Holland there’s been a debate about this recently. Should a bar, pub or restaurant be obligated to serve a free glass of tap water if asked for or not? We also asked for your opinions about this matter regarding the UK.

We’re happy to see that only in 13 of the 90 venues visited free tap water wasn’t available. This means that in 78% of the visited venues serve free tap water next to their drinks!

We also asked you if you think it should be mandatory for UK bars, pubs or restaurants to offer a free glass of tap water. Only 3 of you disagreed. The 87 others came up with different reasons why they think it should become mandatory. Here are some of the arguments you gave:
– “You could need water in case of feeling unwell or dizzy.”
– “… to help promote responsible drinking.”
– “Water is an element of the earth and massively available.”
– “So you can quench your thirst with the free water and enjoy your purchased drink.”

We’ve made a map out of the results you gathered for us which is open for additions. If you happen to know a bar, pub or resaurant where they serve free tap water (next to another order) please add these here.

What do you think of the results? And what other things across the UK would you like to chart in the future?


2 thoughts on “Free tap water in the UK

  1. Scottish law is more forcing for serving free water. In fact everybody who have License to sell alcohol they know that water must be served for free if a customer ask for it.

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