Roamler Reply: Ben

I came to Roamler from what is probably quite an unusual route. I work in marketing as a brand strategy consultant and market research is a part of my job so my initial interest was based on professional curiosity.

I heard about Roamler through a trends and business spotting website called Springwise. I saw what they were trying to do, use the power of the crowd to understand what was happening in store and around the city so I signed up to give it a go!

After professional curiosity Roamler grew into a new little fun hobby that I do when I have some time! Now it fits into those things that you check absentmindedly: Facebook, Twitter, the news… Roamler!

To best illustrate what I like about Roamler and how I use it, I’d like to tell two stories that involve two conflicting interests of mine, food and cycling.



I was just getting ready to cook dinner and realized I had ran out of a few key ingredients. It was late and I contemplated just making do, but realized food for breakfast was also looking sparse so decided to head to my local mini supermarket.

On the way I checked out Roamler and realized there were two tasks I could complete in the same shop I was visiting! So a few pictures of bananas and eggs later, along with answering a few questions and I was done. The best part of this was spending £8 on food but earning £4.50 from completing tasks. Thanks for breakfast Roamler!

I’m a keen cyclist and it works really well with that hobby too. One day I wanted to go for a ride but wasn’t sure of a route. I ended up constructing one out of 2 different Roamler tasks that were quite a way apart. I managed to complete the first one that wasn’t too far away, taking pictures of flowers in Sainsbury’s and then set off on my next Roamler pitstop.

After about 45 minutes of fairly brisk cycling, although I am no Bradley Wiggins, I arrived at the location of the second Roamler task. Again it was flower based, but after riding up and down the road in the description the shop I was supposed to visit wasn’t there! I took a picture of the road sign I was on and the location the shop was supposed to be at and submitted my task informing the team I couldn’t find the shop thinking the task would be rejected. This was pretty annoying as I was looking forward to doing the task and I now wouldn’t get the money or experience points on offer!

But very quickly the Roamler team got back to me saying I had been successful in completing the task and apologizing for the mix up. Result!

I hope these stories have given you a flavour of how I use Roamler, for me it’s something fun you can build into your day to day life whatever you find yourself getting up to. The team are great and the range of tasks will always keep you entertained, so I suggest giving it a try! (And no I haven’t been paid to say any of this! I just think it’s cool!)


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