Roamler Reply: David

I guess if you are reading this you are already a Roamler. If you are only thinking about it, please read my story!

Just over a week ago I joined Roamler after it was recommended to me by my Sister in law over dinner: “Its great”, Emma said , “you complete tasks to gain points and unlock new tasks and some tasks you get paid for completing.” As soon as I got home I checked the app store and installed the app. After 2 minutes the easy to create account was set up and I was ready to Go, Go, Go!
In the last seven days I’ve completed just over 20 tasks, sometimes the tasks are interlinked and you have to complete one task to unlock another. After starting I was in 43rd position and as you can see after 7 days I’m now top of the leaderboard with 1110 xp. I’m ADDICTED to Roamler it’s just a cool app with the added bonus. To be competitive AND a great way to earn a few extra pounds.
As you can see I’ve posted some screen shots so you can see for yourselves. I’ve earned £11.50 which I can cash out to my paypal account at anytime. I’ve earned some badges along the way too but most importantly, ALL the tasks are optional and not 100’s of miles away.
I hope this goes some way to helping make things clear, or as Roamler would say: “Describe it in more than 10 words”. Here it goes: exiting, creative, unique, rewarding, challenging, addictive, fun, different, easy, fresh, innovative!

See you soon Roamlings 🙂

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