Roamler Reply: Catherine

I started using Roamler a few months ago, finding it by chance when looking for ways to earn a little extra money. Being a student with a serious shopping issue I leapt at the chance, but soon found that Roamler offered a great deal more than I thought it would!









I spent the first few days carrying out tasks around the house; drawing Roamler pictures of hot air balloons and sending pictures of out of date flour. The time came to get out in the big wide world and, I have to admit, I was a bit scared! One of the first Scout tasks I undertook was in a supermarket near my house. I looked really shady hanging around the soft drinks, and after a few minutes I lost my nerve and left. I composed myself and went back inside, and felt rather pleased with myself when the task was accepted! From then on, there was no stopping me!

My favourite tasks are always the ones where I get to be a bit creative; it’s something my degree doesn’t really require – so I love to think a bit laterally to complete a task! I even found myself completing a task during a lecture, a neat little pen drawing of how Roamler fits in to my day!

I find myself spending more time thinking about my surroundings too; trying to find the perfect opportunity to photograph a rainbow for the Mother Nature task (almost becoming a preoccupation) and searching for a slug, which in England at the moment is proving harder than it should be!

It has even made me go through old photographs, something which I never do – and I found myself the perfect unique number – 26, iced on a birthday cake lovingly crafted last year by my boyfriend. Let’s hope it’ll be lucky for me!

So, a few months on I’m still probably the rather awkward looking lady in Tesco trying to both take a photo and pretend to text (all whilst leaning on an opposite freezer to get a decent picture); but Roamler is fantastic fun and has honestly become part of my day to day life. I think I sometimes see other Roamlers around and about, taking pictures of random stuff. If I do then that’s great and hello to you all; if they’re not they should really get on board, they’re wasting a talent!

Nice work Roamler!

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