Roamler Reply: Matthew

“Have you heard of this new thing, Roamler?”

“No, what is it?”

“It’s this app where you take photos of things, answer questions and sometimes you get paid.”

I was sold. I downloaded the app at that very moment and from then on I’ve been hooked. Ever since I completed the “Welcome to Roamler!” task the app has become a huge part of my life. I find myself always checking for new tasks that allow me get out into my local surroundings or for tasks that I can easily complete at home.

Tasks such as, “Into the Unknown”, “Pollution” and “Mud, Pints & Rock ‘n Roll” allowed me to become an explorer, searching for the keys that unlock the chest to the XP that allows you to boost your profile and help you climb up that leaderboard.

One of Roamlers huge positives for me is that it takes a huge interest in its users. Tasks such as, “What do you do?” and “When I grow up” allowed me to tell HQ that I want to become a school teacher but that I once wanted to be a footballer. Their replies are fast but it’s not just a simple well done, pat on the back. They ask you questions, show their enthusiasm and seem generally interested in your entries, which I think is what makes Roamler such a fantastic, personal and interactive universe.

My favourite tasks to complete have been “Blackout Poetry”, “Rock around the clock” and “Place your bets”. I really enjoyed “Blackout Poetry” as I was extremely proud of what I had created. It’s a difficult task that included around half and hour leafing through a magazine trying to find a good starting point. Once I completed the task I was very happy with it. I enjoyed the tasks “Rock around the clock” and “Place your bets” as they allowed to me talk about things I was really interested in like music and football. Again the tasks were met with enthusiasm and interest from HQ showing that they want to make Roamler as personal a service as they can make it, which is excellent!

A big part of Roamler is the paid scouting tasks. These are definitely my favourite category of tasks as not only do they make you feel like a spy but also you get paid for it. Up to now I have checked Heineken, paint, Coca Cola and eggs to name a few. Roamler makes you a mystery shopper and there is a certain thrill that comes from helping a company and gaining money while doing it.
Tasks such as “What would you like to?” and “What’s in store” allowed myself and other Roamlers to voice their opinion on what paid tasks we would like to see in the future which again shows HQ that they are interested in what we have to say and showing that it is not only a service for them but a service for us by allowing everyone’s voice to be heard.

This rang well and true just a few days ago when I noticed the task, “Coffee check”. As I was reading the briefing I thought it sounded very similar to the task I suggested in “What’s in store”. Then suddenly I read, “Matthew G. came up with the idea of this task”. I feel extremely happy and proud to have my ideas and name associated with this task. It feels great to know that Roamlers are going out to complete MY task and I am very thankful that Roamler appreciated my ideas.

I cannot speak more highly of Roamler. It is a fantastic app that allows us to explore, think, reflect and predict on situations, events and products in our daily life while not only gaining valuable life skills, but a bit of dosh on the side. ROAMLER ROCKS!

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