Roamler Reply: Carolyn

I joined Roamler at the start of June and was hooked within about 2 minutes! I have been a big fan of apps like Instagram or Foursquare for a while, but Roamler is the very addictive combination of challenges and photos. I love the challenges because they fit so well into your day to day life – giving a stroll round town an extra dimension or making you think outside the box during an evening at home. I love the mix of more creative and reward tasks – I am always on the lookout for cool street art but I never thought I’d be standing in Tesco counting eggs and thinking it was fun!

It’s not just the challenges that have kept me Roamling, who can resist the chance to beat your friends and get more points? More than once I found myself hunting for street musicians or wishing I drank Heineken after a cheeky email from a friend saying they had more points than me! The new update has been great too – I love seeing how my friends complete tasks and the pictures they have taken.

There have been some great tasks, one of my favourites was the ‘Favourite App’ task showing just what a geek I am by combining Instagram and Roamler! And more recently I enjoyed the ‘What’s In Store’ task coming up with possible new tasks for other Roamlers is great fun and got me using my background in marketing.

One thing that makes Roamler really unique and even more engaging is the personal response from the team. Probably like most people I assumed there would be an automatic response, but the first message from Fleur was a pleasant surprise! It’s really cool to hear Fleur, Anne-Claire, Merel or one of the team’s reactions to the task and – as we say in Scotland – it’s great banter!

I’m now about two or three tasks away from Level 3 (and of course trying to race ahead of my friends!) and I have to say that checking the app for new tasks is now a regular occurrence! I love Roamling and have definitely been encouraging my friends and family to get involved – I’m sure this is one app that I’ll be hooked on for a while!

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