They Came From Holland!

A few weeks ago we launched the First 50 test group in the UK, as part of that the Dutch Roamlers did an assignment about the things that reminded them the most of the other side of the channel. Apparently we are a nation of tea, liquorice all-sorts and minis, who knew. We did however get a lot of positive energy to pass on to the newest branch on the tree, they are truly excited about having you join us. Just as we are excited here in the head office to be launching in the UK.

We wanted to pass on some of that positive energy to you so here are a few of the pictures was submitted and a few of the well wishes that went with them:

Ralph G: Welcome to Roamler , enjoy and be sure to have fully charged iPhone with you at all times 😉

 Peter W: Enjoy the renewed perspective on your everyday life! Roamler is great!

Michelle W: I really love this city(London)…!

Samantha S: Enjoy this great app and explore and see your own city / country in a different way!!! It’s fun, inspiring and gets you creative side active. But be aware… You’ll get hooked for sure!!!! Welcome 😉

Wissam A: Welcome to roamler, lets make it roamlertastic!!!! 

Laurens B: Be prepared for a new addiction! Roamler gives you a learnfull view on your environment. Good luck roamler!

With all of those warm welcomes from the Dutch Roamlers I thought we should reciprocate, there is now a Task available asking you to tell them what you think about when we say “Holland”, give it a go, we are looking forward to seeing your submissions and will be putting up a similar post about what you guys think. And remember you can find us on Facebook and Twitter so don’t be a stranger and come say hi.


Merel and Klaus

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