‘With some Roamlers I have the feeling I know them’

Merel is a level 5 Roamler and has been a reviewer at Roamler for the past 2.5 years. During
that time she reviewed around 60.000 tasks and became an expert in recognising
products on the submitted photos as well as in supermarkets during her grocery


How did you get started at Roamler?
I heard about the app 3 years ago on an online forum and I it got my interest directly.
“What great concept, I want to know more about that!” Soon I got an invite code and I got through level 1 in 1 day.

I performed tasks on a weekly basis, but I wasn’t an extremely active Roamler. When a task ‘Become a reviewer’ appeared in the app, I didn’t hesitate in performing the task, because I wanted to have a look behind the scenes at Roamler! I have been working as a reviewer for 2,5 years and are a level 5 Roamler.

Besides Roamler, I study accountancy and I hope to finish these studies shortly. Next to that I have my own horse, so I spend a lot of time on that as well. I have competitions all over the Netherlands and sometimes in Germany and Belgium, so it is a pretty serious hobby.

What tasks do you prefer to review and why?
I absolutely enjoy reviewing the paid tasks most and in particular the Roamler merchandising tasks (tasks where Roamlers fix stock, mirror shelves or set up displays. These merchandising tasks are not available in all Roamler countries). Especially when I review lots of tasks of one project, I already get an idea what the results of that particular project will be and how products or promotions are placed in stores. In these instances I become a bit of an expert on some products.

During these years I have seen so many submissions that I recognise most products, yes even when I walk through a store myself. I can’t do grocery shopping in a normal manner anymore, I constantly look around checking promotions etc.

Did you ever made a mistake with reviewing?
Sure, I think all reviewers made mistakes at some point, we are human after all. Luckily I never made a really big mistake. I think when I was a new reviewer, I made a lot of mistakes by accepting tasks that should have been rejected. I learned a lot from this.

What do you like best about your job at Roamler?
I like the contact with Roamlers and the diversity of the tasks. There are many different tasks, which teaches me something new every time. The contact with Roamlers is really divers, because there are so many different Roamlers out there. With some Roamler I really get the feeling of knowing them, because I interact with them often in the app, I like that part of my job!

What I enjoy about the reviewing as well, is that I became much quicker as a Roamler myself. I see hundreds of tasks on my screen because of the Roamler submissions, so I know the questions by heart and can perform a task really quickly in a store.

What is most difficult about your job at Roamler?
That’s a difficult question. I think it is the part when I have to reject a submission. I know how much work it is to perform certain tasks, but I have to reject the submission, because it is really not good enough to sent to the customer.
Reviewers don’t like to reject submissions, but sometimes it is the only option. The customer wants the submissions and it would be great for everybody if we could except everything, but we need to maintain a high quality for customers so they want to work with us because of the quality of the data.

What mistakes do you find when reviewing?
The mistakes that I encounter most often are mostly small and simple mistakes. Either the number of shelves or metres or shelves are counted incorrectly because the question has not been read thoroughly.
This can be prevented to really read the questions before you answer them. Most mistakes I see are listed in the task description. It might cost you a bit more time for the first submissions of a check, because you need to read it carefully, but in the end you will save a lot of time, because those submissions won’t be rejected.

Do you have tips on Roamlers on performing (more) paid tasks?
Personally I prefer to visit multiple locations for the same project. That way you are trained for that specific task and you can become very quick at performing it, because you know what is required. That way you become quicker and quicker at performing tasks!

Anything else?
Keep up the good work Roamlers! There have been so many different types of tasks in the Netherlands recently and I like to see that every Roamler has their preferred type of tasks and that some Roamlers are becoming a real expert on those tasks!

See you in the app soon!

“Reviews are not done by robots and we don’t reject tasks lightly”

Lucie has been a reviewer for the International team since February 2017. The international review team reviews submissions mainly for United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark and Sweden and sometimes review for other countries as well.


Why did you start at Roamler?
Being a ‘reviewer’ for an app sounded like a super futuristic and flexible job compared to what most of my fellow students were doing (working in restaurants and bars), so I was really intrigued. I downloaded the app and tried out some tasks, enjoyed them, and then decided to apply!

What do you do besides Roamler?
I was studying up until last summer, so about half of the time that I’ve been working at Roamler I was attending university, writing my thesis and doing some voluntary work. I’ve also spent time abroad, in London and Canada with my family, and on holiday. In the future, I plan to travel some more and take full advantage of working online!

In her year at Roamler (“I can’t believe it has been a year!”) Lucie reviewed around 10.000 submissions. Not surprisingly, most time was spend on reviewing paid tasks, but she also reviewed level 1 training tasks and creative tasks.

What do you like or dislike about reviewing at Roamler?
The flexibility of this job is amazing, but I’m going to be obvious and say that most of all I love the people who work at Roamler. There’s a great teamwork vibe between the reviewers, so even when we are working remotely, we are always in contact and helping each other out.

I’m a somewhat technologically challenged person, so sometimes working in such a techy environment can be frustrating. This is mainly when I can’t solve Roamlers’ technological problems, which is most of the time if “try uninstalling and reinstalling the app” doesn’t work.

Creative tasks are usually the most fun to review, because you might find something out about the Roamler, or see a cute photo of someone’s pet. I really like not having to reject tasks and disappoint (or anger) the Roamlers, and with these tasks there isn’t the pressure to be so strict. It’s always good to see that the Roamlers enjoy doing them too.

What can you tell Roamlers about your work as a reviewer?
First is that we don’t reject lightly, or for fun. I usually feel really, really bad about it, but there’s always a reason!

Second thing that is important to share is that reviewers are human beings too! It can feel more like we’re robots (yes, we’ve been told that before) since we’re communicating through an app, but we’re not, and we really appreciate polite Roamlers. We share kind messages we receive from Roamlers with each other to keep us going

Did you ever made a mistake with reviewing and what happened?
Yes! A classic example: accidentally clicking ‘accept’ instead of ‘reject’. Or sometimes a Roamler will point out a mistake in my feedback, then I just swallow my pride and apologise. They’re usually very gracious.

Do you have tips on Roamlers on performing paid tasks?
It always frustrates me how often I have to reject a task because a Roamler hasn’t properly read just one question. For example, if the question asks for an overview photo, we don’t want to see a close up. It is a mistake that could have been prevented and I wouldn’t have needed to reject the submission.

To avoid mistakes, my tip for Roamlers is to double check your submission before submitting! Please, never ever photograph the floor. If in doubt of what to photograph, take an overview photo! We can only judge the situation in a store from what you tell us in your submission – we love to see that ‘optional comments’ section being used.

To perform more tasks, just grab them while you can. Try and fit them in while you’re taking a break from work, or running errands. You shouldn’t underestimate how quickly they can go!

Hi everyone!

My name is Carolina, I am 23 years old and I come from Lisbon, Portugal. I am the new Roamler intern, and I will be staying here for 4 months.

I started by reviewing different tasks, which was a great way to get to know more about Roamler and start interacting with all of you! Since you only know me for accepting or rejecting your tasks, it’s now time to tell a bit more about myself!

I did my exchange program in Amsterdam while studying Management in Portugal and it was such a great experience that I thought I had to come back to The Netherlands one day to work. Also, I’ve always wanted to work at a startup company where you’re constantly learning and face challenges every day, so here I am at Roamler in Amsterdam J I am sure it will be a great experience. Everyone has been very nice and helpful so I am really happy to join this team!

It will be great to help with Roamler’s international ambitions since I will have the opportunity to interact with Roamlers and tasks from different countries and help Roamler grow even more after 3 amazing years – all while learning a lot!

In my free time, I like to walk around Amsterdam, enjoy the sun (whenever the weather allows) and go to museums. I also like to go to the gym, go out with friends, read and watch movies. I really enjoy travelling (who doesn’t?) and getting to know different cities and cultures. I am sure the photos you share from your holidays will make me jealous, in a good way. A fun-fact about myself: I have a twin sister who looks just like me!

Feel free to share ideas and suggestions or ask questions you might have about Roamler! And if you’re planning on going to Portugal this summer, I will gladly give you some tips on the best places to visit!

Roamler and Me

What is it like to be working for a start-up?

Here…. I have arrived to learn the practicalities of the professional world, It was an amazing feeling when I found myself ready for a professional environment and to put theory into practice. Then as soon as I bloomed out of that feeling, I went into another euphoric state: when I found an internship at a start-up company, Roamler. The profound feeling was due to making a space in current fad, which we are all experiencing around us these days; such as Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Roamler is full of countless possibilities and learning experiences, which is so much different from what you learn in Management & Organization course as a part of your study, which teaches you about tunnel vision hierarchies and organizational behavior.

I am in the final year of my bachelors in Marketing Management and I feel great about finding an internship at Roamler where I learn all about new and digitized ways of mystery shopping and its importance in today’s ever changing and competitive commercial world. The company doesn’t follow a stand alone structure, it is composed of two components such as its clients and the Roamlers. Roamlers are valued and appreciated because they help in achieving its goal. The application can be downloaded and anyone can make money or find a useful and exciting activity to perform.

At Roamler we are like a family, where everybody is responsible for the actions that they put in to make Roamler a success each day. Though the culture is extremely informal, it acquires strict policies, which grantees quality deliveries to our clients.

Each day I learn a new approach, a new task and something outstanding about the company, such as high speed delivery to clients. So far I have learnt nothing is impossible, all we need is to try our best and learn!

As I move further ahead at Roamler, I want to apply the marketing skills I have learnt in my educational career. I want to learn the new marketing skills and techniques undertaken by start-ups, which are way faster and efficient. Techniques and skills, which consist of deployment of the mobile workforce at different locations and learning about a variety of consumer insights. The insights, which are random and diverse, don’t belong to any particular focus group but collect the information from various ranges of demographics.

Working at Roamler is a unique experience, which is not yet laid in theory books with much detail. Here you learn through experience and practice with a “Go Getter” attitude.

Today when I am provided with a platform, I would like to share two things I have learnt through my educational career. The first is never let anyone else tell you what your capabilities are and secondly, don’t ever be scared to try new things; just jump in and before you know it, you will be through.


Hello Roamlers!

My name is Tai Tamminga. As of last week I closed the door on my student years, and began a new phase in my life. I handed in my thesis, walked the graduation ceremony, and officially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University College Utrecht; majoring in psychology and criminology, with a minor in anthropology. During the course of my degree, and after spending a great deal of time in the UK I decided to do a semester on exchange at the University of Leeds. In the midst of those six months in England I discovered that my true passion was marketing and communications .

During my last year I decided that if I wanted to get into the field of marketing and communications I had to take action. I started applying to internships all over the Netherlands but couldn’t seem to find the right fit. Finally, I stumbled across Roamler, a cool company in Amsterdam looking for someone with a psychology degree, an interest in marketing, and who was a native speaker to do an internship and play a big part in Roamler UK. I thought to myself, check… check… and check. That’s me! As you may have guessed, I got the internship, and couldn’t be happier.

Everyone here at Roamler is incredibly friendly and I am thoroughly looking forward to the next few months. Everyone seems as excited to teach me as I am to learn; a flawless combination! So here I am, a Canadian girl, living in the Netherlands, ready to learn, throw a twist into the team and make your Roamler experience the best that it can be.

New colleagues!

Starting today, we’ll have to make three extra cups of coffee in the morning. Three new interns are starting at Roamler today. During their internship they will assist the Support and Operations teams with reviewing submissions, writing new tasks and helping Roamlers out (and so much more…). So, who are they? Robin, Rosa and Naomi introduce themselves:

Good day, my name is Robin, twenty years of age and residing in the picturesque Den Helder, the Netherlands. In the upcoming eight months I will be fulfilling the role as intern at Roamler. Just like my colleague-interns I am a third year Applied Psychology student at the University of Amsterdam. In my spare time I like to sport, spend my time on the road and relax at my computer. I look forward to replying to your submissions and getting a feel of what it’s like to work at Roamler, cheers!

My name is Rosa and from now on I am an intern at Roamler. I study the same as Naomi and Robin, Applied Psychology at university of Amsterdam. In my spare time I like to go to the gym and I practice yoga. I spend a lot of time with my friends and we like to go out in Amsterdam. This spring my sister expects a baby, so I become an aunthy. I’m really looking forward to it, as well as to my intership here at Roamler. Speak to you soon!

Hi everybody! My name is Naomi, I’m 21 years old and I live in a nice dormitory in Baarn, The Netherlands. I study Applied Psychology in Amsterdam and since now I work at Roamler as a trainee. Alongside the Roamler internship, I love to play piano and I like to sport. I enjoy being part of the Roamler team and look forward to the new experiences and things I’ll learn here. Have fun and keep Roamling!