The Rainbow Homes Project

Introducing: The Rainbow Homes Project
At Roamler we believe in creating opportunities for people, wherever you are, in
order for you to live the life you want. With this in mind, we chose to support a
project called: The Rainbow Homes.

About the project
The Rainbow homes project is a program managed by the non-governmental
Rainbow Foundation in India. In partnership with the Dutch based B2B charity,
Net4kids, the Rainbow homes provide comprehensive care to homeless girls on
the streets of India. Although the concept is relatively new, it is cost-effective and
provides these girls a chance at a better life.

How does Roamler make a difference?
For the next three years, Roamler will match and donate 1% of all Roamlers’
earnings, towards the Rainbow homes project. With a minimum commitment of
40,000 euro per year, we will be able to help 47 girls find a home and access to an
education. Furthermore, every additional 830 euros on this amount will be used to
admit one more girl to a Rainbow home.

Why Roamler chose this project
Our aim for taking up a CSR project was not to join the list of socially responsible
companies, but rather to find opportunities that align with our mission to create
opportunities for people. We were intentional in creating a symbolic relationship
between our company and a CSR project. We are proud to have successfully
linked our CSR efforts to one of our core corporate value-sharing opportunities.

In conclusion
The Rainbow foundation works together with Net4kids to provide shelter and
education to more than 370 girls per year. The aim of this project is to extend
opportunities for a better future to the millions of homeless girls living on the
streets of India. Since its inception in 2002, it has reached over 8000 girls, living on
the streets of India.

We decided it was time our company to extend opportunities to less fortunate
communities and contribute towards making the difference in their future.
Starting in 2018 and for the next three years, Roamler will be supporting the
Rainbow home project.

Offering you flexibility on how to list the tasks

Version 3.3.0 is available both in the App– and Play Store and it gives you more flexibility on how tasks will appear in the app.

3 tabs

The job overview is no longer a list of all tasks, but it is divided into different tabs. There are currently 3 tabs; with paid tasks, tasks for experience points and tasks you accepted.

schermafbeelding-2016-11-08-om-15-37-15With the new update you have all accepted tasks in a separate part of the app. From there, you have all the tasks you accepted to perform conveniently placed under the accepted tab.  To indicate that new tasks are available for you, an orange dot will appear in the appropriate tab.

Sort tasks just the way you like it

That’s not all. Tasks in the paid and accepted tabs can be listed to your liking. You can choose to group tasks and have the tasks in a specific order.

You can group tasks on:

  1. Location – If there are multiple tasks available at one supermarket, they are grouped together.
  2. Job – The different task locations are grouped per Job.
  3. Or you can list all task locations in one list.

You can sort paid tasks based on distance with the locations nearest to you at the top, or you can sort them on payment with locations with the highest reward at the top.

new-tabs filter-and-sort

French Croissants

To celebrate France getting on board the Roamler ride, we decided to create a task inspired by something quintessentially French – the croissant! We asked you to take a photo of your local ‘croissant-dealer’ (or bakery) and received an array of submissions which made our mouths water! It’s almost as though you can smell the freshly-baked treats through the screen!

You located dozens of bakeries across the UK – from Brighton to Edinburgh; Swansea to Norwich – while the highest concentration of bakeries visited by you was in and around London.

French croissants map

We were also interested in what comes to mind when you think of France. French food was a popular category, with many of you being keen on more than just the croissants. The cheese, wine and bread were the most common culinary associations.

The task also seemed to recall memories of visits to France for a number of you. Who could forget a trip to Paris – the ‘City of Light’ – seeing the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and just soaking up the atmosphere on the streets and in the cafés? Or a relaxed holiday in the south of France, made perfect by the beautiful weather and idyllic coastline.

Either way, we’re all very excited to welcome France to the Roamler community. Maybe you’ll even be able to perform some Roamler tasks on your next visit there…
Vive la France!

croissants web large

Welcome Colombia and Mexico Roamlers!

In the last two months Roamler has started-up in Colombia and Mexico. To focus on these launches we created two tasks, celebrating your family life and all the colours in the world (or more accurately; your home) respectively.

15 Roamlers have had the pleasure of visiting Mexico. These Roamlers have drunk local tequila, Margaritas and eaten burritos, swum with dolphins or white sharks, visited the Mayan ruins and enjoyed the country’s beautiful beaches and nature. It is exactly what other Roamlers expect, who would like to experience carnival, eat the great food and meet nice Mexican people while visiting historical sites.

Another (perhaps less known) fact is that Mexico has very strong family ties. The divorce rate in Mexico is among the lowest in the world. That is why we asked you to take a photo and demonstrate your closeness to your family. You could have used a family photo, but it could also have been a photo of a family object or occasion you often spend together.

We received a lot of heart-warming photos from you and your families: from dinner parties, wedding photos, pictures of your children, photos from the past and recent pictures. We saw a lot of smiles in these pictures and you totally made our day with your submissions. Shared submissions for this task can be found at

Without Colombia less Roamlers in the UK would be able to start the week, because the most named association with Colombia is coffee! We have heard “The finest coffee”, “Great coffee”, “Rich dark indulgent coffee beans” and just “Coffee!”

Most of the other positive associations are captured in the following sentence from a Roamler: “When I think of Colombia, I think of bright colours, warmth, and fun – dancing and having a good time!” because Roamlers who have been there love the good weather, the colours, the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly people.

The beautiful scenery is mentioned often and some Roamlers think of singer Shakira, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian writer who recently passed away. According to this Roamler his books are well worth a read, because “The beautiful, evocative novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, (..) make me feel like I’ve been to Columbia because they’re so descriptive.”

Inspired by the colourful Chiva buses unique to Colombia, we asked you to take a picture of something colourful. Check out these colourful results, below, on  or on the Dutch or Chilian Roamler blog.


Bienvenido to Spain!

We have more countries joining the Roamler community; this time we’re saying Bienvenido to our new friends in Spain! We were interested in your own personal connections to Spain; have you ever visited Spain and what is your best memory of this country?

We have gotten lots of answers and most of you – if not all of you- adore this beautiful country under the blazing sun. Spain holds meaningful memories for some of you, such as going on holiday with family and friends or celebrating your 40th birthday, or even getting proposed to! Thank you for sharing these. ☺

Slide1Most of you say spending time in Spain is always fascinating. You can go to Barcelona to visit FC Barcelona’s Nou Camp or experience the grandeur of the Sagrada Familia; you can go to Madrid to see the infamous bullring; you can leisurely enjoy the sun in the Canary Islands or live it up in Ibiza! Your craving for good food will be satisfied by mouth-watering Paella or authentic Tapas, washed-down with a glass of Sangria.

We are pleased to hear your personal stories about Spain and once again, Bienvenido a Roamler España!!



Bienvenue & Welkom Belgium!

Another country has just joined the Roamler community in our exciting adventure; Belgium is all on board this month! To welcome them, we were curious about what comes to mind when you think of Belgium, and here are your answers:

Belgian Choco & Waffles 2Smurfs & Poirot 2Belgian Food 2 Belgian Beer2


Ah yes, Belgian CHOCOLATE! Who could resist ? I for one, could not 😀


Whether it’s Cherry Beer, Blonde, Criek Bier, Kwak or Stella Artois, everybody seems to have his or her favourite beer from our newest member’s land.


There always seems to be something for the tummy in your thoughts of Belgium; those crunchy Belgian frites or tasty mussels. Well now, you’ve got my mouth watering just looking at your photos!


There are also lots of places in Belgium that seem to captivate you. To name a few: the beautiful Bruges, the canals of Ghent, and, of course, the Manneken Pis and Atomium in the capital.

Roamler says Välkommen!

The adventures of Roamlers continue, since today Roamler Sweden will launch. The first Swedish Roamlers  (the F50) have been able to use the app for a couple of days and as of today more Roamlers will be invited to join. And yes, if you have some invites left, you can invite Swedish Roamlers.

We were interested what you, the ‘hardcore’ UK and Dutch Roamlers thought of when thinking about Sweden, just as we did when we launched in the UK. We also wanted to give you the opportunity to give the new Swedish Roamlers some pointers.

When mentioning Sweden you said that you think of Ikea, Abba, the beautiful nature of the country and meatballs (which is the same for the Dutch Roamlers). But you also think of design (not mentioned by the Dutch Roamlers), Spotify, snow, chocolate and moose. Below you will find some of the submissions we received.


The tips you had for Swedish Roamlers were mainly about having fun with performing task, performing tasks as well as possible and checking the app regularly for new tasks. We really like the tips you gave new Roamlers, because it also gave us some insight into how you think about Roamler. We love to hear that your having fun with the task and checking the app regularly.

Do as many tasks as you can and be creative as you can!! It’s fun!

Advice to Roamlers is always have your phone on hand as you never know what you may come across, especially if you have to take a photo quickly to capture the moment.

Always check for new tasks when you are in a new area and when you are traveling turn location services on to be notified of new tasks.

Enjoy Roamler and earn money at the same time! Be aware though, its very addictive! 🙂

Always read the briefing carefully and make sure your picture is clear.

Enjoy the challenges Roamler sets out. They are like a treasure hunt and are really fun.

To enjoy Roamler, try to get some people you work or live with involved to make it more exciting and a bit of a competition to see who gets the most XP.

Win a trip to Stockholm?
The Swedish team has a challenge for you; do you have a great tip for a Swedish task? Inform the Swedish team (via about it! The ultimate lead to a commercial task with at least 200 checks will earn you a trip to Stockholm.

Thank goodness we have coffee!

We are not Peter Pan and we don’t stay kids forever. Unfortunately, most of us lack the energy we had as kids, but still have long lists of things to do everyday. Whether it is your wake-up call in the morning, your pick-me-up in the afternoon or your dessert after dinner, coffee is a life line for most people. Coffee comes in many forms and many flavors and can take anywhere from seconds to minutes to make.

In the level 1 ‘Coffee lovers’ task we asked you what kind of coffee you drank the most at home, and why you preferred this particular type of machine and/or coffee.  Here is what you said:

The majority of UK Roamlers prefer instant coffee, followed by ground coffee. We discovered that the greater part of Roamlers that chose ‘other’, were actually tea lovers. Not a big surprise for the United Kingdom.

That being said, tea lovers, you haven’t been forgotten! We have now developed a ‘Tea lovers’ task and we want to know all about your tea drinking habits. The task is now available to all Roamlers so check out the app and tell us how you like your tea.

Roamler wishes you a merry Christmas and a great 2013!

The holiday season is approaching quickly! You have given us some insights on the decorated streets and we would like you to upload your best Christmas photo of this year after Boxing Day and Christmas.

You have read it correctly; there still will be tasks in the app during the holidays and even some paid ones as well. On the other hand, it is Christmas and the Roamler team will also spend time with friends and family. Because of this, it will take a bit longer as usual to answer your questions in the app and look at the tasks you have send in.

The next two weeks, until January 2nd we won’t guarantee an answer within 4 hours after sending in a task. Also, on December 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st and on January 1st, tasks and messages send in after 15 PM will be looked at the next morning. If you perform a task and send it in before 15 PM, we will answer it the same day.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy 2013!

The Roamler team